No Chapter Today

No release today and for likely the next week or two, I’m afraid. When I started publishing Lone Fox 3, it wasn’t finished, but I was hoping to fill in the gaps as we went along. As it turned out, though, I’ve ended up using all my writing time to polish and finalize the chapters being released, and almost all of the gaps that existed a month ago are untouched. I’d always known that this chapter would be a good stopping point, and that when we got here I’d evaluate if I needed to pause and catch up. I do, so I will.

I’d like to give a solid date for when chapters will resume, but we’re in “it’s done when it’s done” territory. Objectively speaking, the gaps are fairly small – I doubt I’ll be adding more than 20k words to the current draft to get to the final version – but many of them are going to be tricky to care of, which is why I skipped them in the first place. It’s my hope that now that I can focus on them instead of worrying about getting the next chapter out, they won’t take very long at all, but we’ll see how accurate that is.