Whore diaries part 4

Long time no see, guys!

So I guess I missed a couple of chances as there is no way I haven’t been playing with myself in those weeks, however I’m back to describe the latest one.

See, maybe it’s me checking back on your discord and remembering poor Ingrid or reading “Sum of Her Scars” – a stories that I shouldn’t have liked, but I did – got me a bit horny.

The story that made me come however was another story that I shouldn’t have liked – “No escape”. I dislike snuff stories (no use wasting good whores, right?) and I wasn’t shy letting Darinost know it. To my disappointment he still hasn’t punished me for it.

Anyway, I’ll admit that it isn’t my favourite story (I really want to be punished today, don’t I?). However it does have its moments. The mothers I didn’t care about that much, however the main bitch… aaah.

Nothing better than a MEAN lesbian bitch, getting a taste of her own medicine. The bikers were beautifully rough and knew how to treat such a cunt. My favourite part was when they drowned her, finally breaking her, having her assist in taking her virginity and fuck them back. And the best thing? She’s such a terrible person that I didn’t even feel guilty playing with myself to her fate.

(well, almost the best thing, I like innocent victims most and sometimes I like feeling guilty, I’m weird that way)

The imagine of this broken bitch being turned into a streetwalker for the man was what pushed me to orgasm. You know the best part? I did it all while my roommate was home, in bed, sleeping as she was weak and sick. This is what a needy whore I am.

Anyway, hope you are all ok, keeping safe and so on. See you soon 😉

No Escape

I apologize for the long silence. I haven’t been slacking off, just working on longer projects… like this one! This is an unofficial sequel to a story written by the excellent denkira7 called “Escape the Party”. Knowledge of the original story won’t be necessary to enjoy this one, but I highly recommend checking out his stuff, especially if you like cruel and detailed bondage, permanent body modifications, and dark endings.

Two years after showing their parents who was really in charge, Chloe, Tory, and Sophie are ready to throw their biggest party yet. And their once domineering mothers are going to be the star attraction…

Story Codes: M/F, M+/F, F/F, Rape, Incest, Bondage, Humiliation, Slavery, Snuff

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Message from resident whore

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programme to give you this message. Yes, I have approval from Darinost. Of course. Totally. Absolutely. Why are you doubting me?

Either way, it seems that he made a terrible mistake when posting the last story, the epilogue he posted was an incorrect one, a work version that turned out not to be working with the story.

He personally (yes, totally, would I lie? :P) asked me to remedy that, so here is the correct epilogue:

And she suffered until the end of her days.

Much better, don’t you think?

No need to thank me.

On a completely unrelated note, what happens to lying whores? Asking for a friend.