Back into the fray!

Wow, July went by fast.  We should be back to Time Waits on Monday, which is now expected to have significantly more than 5 or 6 parts left.  I would say that we’re at least past the halfway point of the story, but please please don’t quote me on that.

I’ve got a one shot story brewing that I’m hoping to get done soon, ideally over the weekend.  Since you’ve all been waiting patiently, that one will go up as a bonus update as soon as it’s ready.  After that and Time Waits, my very tentative plan is to finish Learning to Submit, follow it up with a Long Bend story called Weekend Retreat that will feature a lot of familiar faces, and then get back into some fantasy with Lone Fox Book One.  How much of that will actually happen?  Let’s find out!

Summer Break!

Good news: there’s an 11k chapter waiting in the post below this one 🙂
Bad news: I’m taking the rest of July off from posting 😦

Don’t worry, I’m not expecting this to become a long hiatus like last time.  Ironically, this is because I’ve been writing more lately, not less.  I’ve been working on several long form writing projects that I’m very excited about showing everyone.  But due to their length, they’re not suitable for posting yet, and I’ve had to split my attention between them and my shorter stories (like Time Waits, which is now up to a “mere” 150+ pages :p).  The situation isn’t ideal, so I’m giving myself July to focus on my longer projects.

Once we come back, we’ll resume Time Waits, which has… probably about 5 or 6 updates left.  Unfortunately for Christine and Rebecca, the Summers family still has a long way to go before hitting rock bottom.  See you all in August! 😀