Lone Fox (Part One)

It’s time for something  a little different.  Welcome to Outfoxed, a new shared universe developed by myself and the inestimable John Drake.  It’s a fantasy series set in the real world, albeit with foxes, unicorns, goblins, foxes, trolls, selkies, foxes, dragons, vampires,  werewolves, foxes, angels, demons, and maybe even a fox or two if we can justify squeezing them in.  You can generally expect happy endings, but much like in Time Waits, it can be a long road to get there sometimes.  You can definitely expect lots of rape and humiliation and all the other fun things you come here for 😉

Our series begins with a story called Lone Fox.  And by story, I mean novel.  And by novel, I mean a trilogy of novels.  In case you haven’t noticed, I can be a bit crazy sometimes.  This first novel is 9 chapters, 60k words (~150 pages), and fully written, though some chapters still require editing.  The second novel is still in progress at 14 chapters, 120k words, and is expect to reach about 150k (~375 pages) by the end.  What I’m trying to say is, you’re gonna be reading a lot of words about foxes in the days to come.  Let’s get started!


Prologue + Chapter One

Story Codes: M/F, Rape, Bondage, Humiliation, Violence, Slavery, Watersports, Fantasy

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