A slight change in plans

Don’t worry, this is good news. 😉

While planning my release schedule for the next year, I realized that updating only every month just feels too infrequent.  I’d much prefer releasing a steady stream of weekly content.  Now, that doesn’t mean a full story every week; I don’t have THAT big of a backlog. :p   I’ll be breaking my stories up into parts as appropriate, and releasing one part a week.

To anyone worried about the idea of not getting as much content overall, let me assure you that this means the total opposite.  For example, I’m looking to break my first two new stories into three parts and two parts, respectively.  That means it will only take five weeks to cover what would have taken two months beforehand.  I’m not expecting most of my stories to have four or more parts, so you’ll usually be getting more than a full story every month.

I’m thinking Thursday night / Friday morning updates at the moment, so the first new story will still begin on October 1st, as expected.  See you then 🙂