Breaking Point (Part 1)

We’re doing something a little bit different today.   Out of everything I’ve written, “Separated”  is the story people have most wanted some kind of follow up to.   So a few months ago, NoLongerInnocent and I began doing a bit of RP about a particular day in the life of Ingrid and her master.  We finally finished it up this week, and I thought you’d enjoy reading it too.  Word of warning: this is one of the filthiest stories I’ve done, and not intended for folks with weak stomachs.  Consider yourselves warned 🙂

Story Codes: M/F, Rape, Violence, Humiliation, Slavery, Scat, Vomit, Watersports

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Clara’s Exit

The next chapter of “A Long Vacation” is still in progress, so instead I’m going to publish one of my older stories that hasn’t appeared on the blog yet.  I usually don’t write celeb stories, but I had the inspiration for this one and followed it through.  Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Jenna Coleman is a real person, and does not deserve one iota of the things that occur in this completely fictional fantasy story.

Story Codes: M+/F, F/F, Rape, Humiliation, Celeb

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