Index is Up!

It took quite longer than I expected (turns out I’ve written a lot of stories, who knew?), but I’ve created the Story Index Page, which should be at the top of the page.  A few notes:

  1. The shared universe of stories now has an official name: The Long Bend.  All stories taking place in this universe will, naturally, be tagged #Bendy.
  2. All #Bendy stories have the major characters tagged in them.  That means if you’re looking for all stories with John, for example, you can click the tag at the bottom of any of his stories and get a list of all of them.  Standalone stories do not have these tags, though I’ve given all Jim and Jake stories their own tag since that’s something of a separate series.  Just be warned that knowing what characters will appear in a given story may spoil things sometimes.  To that end, character tags won’t appear in any ongoing stories.
  3. All multipart stories are now tagged with their titles, to make it easy to find all the parts.
  4. All posts by NoLongerInnocent, our blog’s official slut, are now marked as their own category on the sidebar, for those of you looking to peruse her writings.

Please let me know if you spot any missing links or other problems with the page.  I’ll be trying my best to maintain it with updated links going forward.

State of the Blog Address

Now that we’re settling into the new year, it seems like a good time to discuss what’s up ahead for the blog.

The bad news is that “A Long Vacation” is, erm, officially taking a vacation.  I like the story and want to get to the rest of it, but trying to get back to weekly updates has taught me how much deadlines stress me out.  I’ve had a very hard time writing more of the story because it feels like attending a chore instead of having fun.  I’ve tried switching to other stories, but then I start feeling guilty for not working on the one I’m “supposed” to be working on.  At the end of the day, writing is a hobby, not a job, and if I’m not enjoying it, then I’m doing it wrong.  So “A Long Vacation” is going on a break, and I’ll get back to it once I have some full chapters ready to go, however long that might take.

Based on that, you might assume I’m going to stop posting unfinished stories to the blog, but quite the opposite actually. 😉  This year, I’m going to try and show you a lot more of the things I have in progress.  The difference is that I’m not going to feel obligated to post the entire story from beginning to end over a series of weeks.  I’ll post what I’ve got, move on to something else, and come back to it when I’m ready.

Having a lot of stories in rotation can get understandably confusing, but thankfully NoLongerInnocent had an excellent suggestion about adding an index to the blog.  I’m going to see about adding it as a third page (alongside the main one and the about page), with a list of links and descriptions for every story.  Not only will this help people refresh their memories about stories they haven’t seen in a while, it should be a good resource for finding something fun to read when you’re in the mood 😉

One of the benefits of showing off unfinished stories is that I can more easily incorporate feedback.  If you posted a suggestion in the past about an already complete story, there wasn’t much I could do about that.  But if people have some ideas about stories that are still open ended, that’s a very different situation. 🙂  Now, that doesn’t mean I’ll take every suggestion I get.  I’ve already got a mountain of a backlog of my own ideas that I want to see on paper.  But I’ll certainly listen to all of them, and make an effort to include them, especially where it’s easy to do so.  For example, while changing part of the story can be dicey, if your request is just “I wanna see more of <insert filthy degenerate act>”, I can definitely see about helping you out. 🙂

So that’s all the major news I’ve got.   I still have a lot of stories to share, and I’m eager to show them off.  I can’t promise I’ll have something to post every week, but I’m looking forward to a year full of dirty, smutty fun with y’all! 😀