Time Waits (Part 2)

Christine’s life changes forever.

Story Codes: M/F, Rape, Fantasy


Part Two – The Loss of Innocence

Chapter Five

Christine sighed. This homework was going to be the death of her. She’d been at it for nearly two hours, and there was still a mountain of it to go. She rubbed her eyes and resisted the urge to pick up her phone and see what was going on in the rest of the world. Work first, play later.

It didn’t help that she’d been feeling off all last month, and it was beginning to mess with her focus. She kept having these weird spells. She’d be sitting in class, and everything would be perfectly normal, and then… then nothing. Nothing at all would happen, but she’d suddenly feel different somehow. Vaguely dirty, like she needed a shower. And also kind of aroused? It made no sense.

She’d tried telling Nadine about it, hoping it was just some totally normal phenomenon that everyone went through, but her best friend hadn’t understood what she was talking about at all. Eventually Christine had just laughed the whole thing off as a joke and changed the subject. Maybe Becky would know something about it next time she visited.

It was a typical evening at the Summers household. She’d gotten home, taken their dog Bailey out for a walk, studied for next week’s History exam, had some of Dad’s “famous” meatloaf for dinner, and then gone upstairs to her room for more studying and homework. She’d always heard about seniors getting to relax and slack off during their last year of school. Apparently none of them had AP classes.

Her phone buzzed, and she grabbed it without thinking, but sighed in disappointment and dropped it back on the desk a moment later. It was only that creep Danny. If she’d been more like her sister, she would’ve just slugged him in the nose by now, but Christine didn’t possess the same confidence that Becky always exuded. She kept hoping that if she just turned him down politely every time he made a crude pass at her, eventually he’d get the picture and leave her alone. But the jerk didn’t know when to quit, and she was too shy to tell him directly.

Christine compared her sheet of paper to the textbook, checking that she’d answered all the questions, then nodded in satisfaction and added it to her bookbag by the desk. She scooted her chair back and extended one arm towards the ceiling in a long, lazy stretch. Another assignment down, and just a few more to go. Maybe she’d have a little time to relax downstairs before bed after all.

Speaking of shyness, she really needed to corner Jordan soon and find out what the heck was going on with him. He’d been acting weird for the last month too, staring at her when he thought she wasn’t looking. Acting extra weird, really. He’d been increasingly awkward with her for years now. He was one of her oldest friends, but ever since puberty, it was like he saw her as a girl first and a friend second. Whenever they hung out, instead of relaxing and having fun with her like he used to, he’d just be a ball of nerves the whole time, as though a single wrong move would make her hate him. It was exhausting to deal with, and the further they drifted apart, the more awkward he became whenever they did see each other.

It had probably been her fault somehow. She should have made more of an effort to get him to understand that he didn’t need to impress her. Beneath the shyness he was a sweet boy, and she regretted that she hadn’t been a better friend to him. Having to deal with jerks like Danny only made her appreciate decent guys like him even more.

Was it possible that he was acting weird because he liked her? Like liked her? No, that was silly. The jocks might fixate on her for her looks, but she didn’t really have anything else going for her, and Jordan knew that. She wasn’t as smart as him, or adventurous like her sister, or funny like Nadine, or possess any other appealing traits. She was just shy, dull Christine, who did nothing but study all the time.

But what if he liked her anyway? She blushed a little as she thought about it. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing…

“Work first, play later,” she said out loud, reminding herself. She had to get through this homework. And after that, she’d give him a call, sort this whole mess out.

Suddenly she felt the entire world sort of… stutter. It was like watching a laggy video, except it was reality doing it. One moment she was working out a chemistry problem, and then reality lurched, and everything had gone dark.

Christine gasped in surprise, discovering as she did that there was something in her mouth, muffling her. What was going on?! She tried to lift a hand to her face, to pull off whatever was blocking her sight, but her arm came up short, and she heard her desk rattle in response. She realized then that each of her wrists had something knotted around them, a thin soft material with a strangely familiar texture. A pair of her shirts?

Whatever they were, their other ends seemed to be wrapped around the legs of the desk. There was enough slack for her to kick the chair away and stand up, but as she did, the world lurched again. When it came back, she could feel similar articles tied around her ankles, and her legs could no longer move.

Some part of her was still convinced that this was just a dream, that she’d fallen asleep at her desk and her brain had concocted this wild fantasy to express her anxiety over schoolwork. But the rest of her was filled with a growing dread that this was all too real, and something horrible was about to happen. Christine tried to scream out for help, but whatever was in her mouth reduced her cries to quiet groans.

She felt a pair of hands on her shoulders, pushing her upper body down until it smacked against the smooth surface of her desk. Before she could even begin to resist, reality skipped for a third time, and something was tight around her neck, pinning her there.

The awareness that there was an intruder in her room, and that she was all but trapped and helpless, gave her a surge of adrenaline. She bucked and twisted, trying to take advantage of the slack in her bonds. But as she struggled, reality stuttered again, not just once, but over and over. Each time a squirming arm or leg drew closer to the desk, the slack would suddenly disappear, as if whatever was holding her had somehow been removed and retied.

All this happened in the span of just a few seconds. By the time it sank into her mind that her frantic struggling was only making things worse, and she tried to correct for it, it was too late. Her legs were now spread wide, ankles against the desk legs, without a hint of slack remaining. Likewise, her arms were at her sides, flat against the top of the desk.

She felt the intruder’s hands again. They were no longer pushing. Instead, they ran over her body eagerly, exploring it. Christine could hear heavy male breathing behind her, and the hapless teen whimpered in her bondage. She knew what was going to happen now. The only thing that could happen in a situation like this. But this was impossible! Just a few minutes ago, she’d been doing her homework, safe at home in her own bedroom. Even now, she could hear the sounds of her parents moving around downstairs, the muffled noise of the television, Bailey barking at a car passing by. How could this be?!

Every molecule of her being screamed out in denial of what was going on, but reality marched on. Denial didn’t stop the intruder from rolling her shirt up and over her chest, exposing her bare back and bra strap. It didn’t stop him from undoing the clasp with a single smooth motion, as though he’d done it a million times before.

Christine shuddered. She knew all the facts about sex. She’d gotten an A in Health class just like all the others. But knowing wasn’t the same thing as experiencing. And when it came to experience, she had none. It wasn’t that she didn’t like boys. There were several that she even found quite cute, and would picture sometimes when she was alone at night. But everyone around her seemed to have decided on their own that her looks and grades put her out of their league. Christine couldn’t care less about that sort of thing, but conversation was a two way street, and Jordan was far from the only guy it had become impossible to talk with normally after hitting puberty. They’d just stammer and look away, and she’d come away feeling like she’d done something cruel to them.

The only boys willing to interact with her anymore were the dumb jocks and playboys like Danny, the ones who saw her as a trophy to try and win. The types she wanted nothing to do with. So in the end, she just didn’t bother with boys at all. There was always more homework to be done, or an exam to study for, or her girlfriends to hang out with. She’d told herself that it was only for now, that once she got to college things could be different.

Everything was different now.

She felt her assailant pull her unclasped bra out from under her, and then his hands returned, cupping her now bare breasts. Christine had heard from her girlfriends that this was supposed to feel pleasant, but it was nothing of the sort. Her assailant groped and squeezed her mounds as if he was trying to make them pop, his nails digging into her skin. She shivered as his fingers found her nipples, prodding and pinching them.

If she could manage to scream for help, there was no way her parents wouldn’t hear her. She tried to push the gag out of her mouth with her tongue, but he’d taped her lips shut. She kept trying, having few other options, and realized to her disgust that she recognized the smooth fabric: her underwear. Somehow he’d stuffed a pair of her own underwear into her mouth. And from the foul taste, it wasn’t even a clean pair.

Still struggling with the panty gag, Christine had to endure his painful groping of her chest for several minutes. The intruder moved closer to her, until she could feel the bulge in his crotch against her butt. She groaned at the contact, shaking her head. He started to dry hump her through her clothes, hands clenching her poor breasts with every thrust. Christine felt sick.

She knew it was going to get much worse, and reality didn’t disappoint. His hands swept up and down her back for a minute, fingernails tracing random patterns over her skin, then slid over her sides and down to her hips, where he began unbuttoning her pants. She squirmed, trying to stop him, but after another stutter her pants were unbuttoned and unzipped. Inch by inch, he tugged them down, exposing her underwear. He spent a few more minutes stroking her cheeks and grinding his erection against her, and then the inevitable happened. Her panties were pulled down, and her last defense was gone.

Her face grew hot with shame at the thought of a complete stranger seeing her private parts. Only her family and her gynecologist had ever seen her naked, and that had been nothing like this. Nothing in all her life had even come close to preparing Christine for this, for being pinned down and stripped naked in her own bedroom. She made a wordless, begging plea through the gag, hoping the intruder would understand. This couldn’t really happen to her. She’d been a good girl all her life. She’d never treated anyone poorly. Life couldn’t really be this cruel.

Something hot and hard pressed against her slit.

Christine had always known that the first time would hurt. All her more experienced girlfriends had agreed on that part. No matter how gentle a lover was, no matter how slow he went, there was always some pain involved.

He was neither gentle nor slow.

Christine screamed as the pain of being violated ripped through her. She was dry and tight, and there was no way his entire thick member could be crammed into her on the first thrust, but that was clearly his intention. He grabbed her breasts for leverage and pulled, thrusting his waist forward at the same time. Inch by inch, the head of his dick worked its way through her narrow channel, lubricated only by her virginal blood.

She’d never felt anything so awful in her life. Years ago, she’d broken her wrist after a nasty spill on her bike, and at the time she’d thought that was the worst thing anyone could experience. But this… it wasn’t just the sheer torture of her insides being forced to stretch to accommodate the thick intruder. It was the nauseating knowledge that the source of her pain was some stranger’s hot, sweaty, filthy penis violating the most intimate part of her body. It was the shame of being treated as a piece of meat, something that could be pinned down and used without her consent. And it was the anguish of knowing that no matter what happened afterwards, this would always be her first time. As Christine howled through her gag, she was no longer trying to signal for help. She was just voicing her complete and utter misery.

After several long, torturous minutes that felt more like hours, his hips slapped against her cheeks. He was fully inside her, his fingers digging into her chest as he forced the last few millimeters in. Almost immediately, she felt him pulse, and warm liquid began spraying her insides. Christine’s stomach turned, and she started making mental calculations. Her last period had begun on the 26th, and this was the 9th, which meant… which meant she might get pregnant. The thought brought with it an overwhelming wave of nausea, and Christine nearly vomited.

She was brought back to the present by her rapist’s dick sliding out of her. Her insides felt impossibly stretched, and in her mind’s eye her vagina was a gaping wound. Was it finally over? No. He began to push back into her, his dick already growing stiff again. Tears dripped down Christine’s cheeks as she realized that her rape was only beginning.

With the added lubrication of his semen, he could move more easily now, and he began to thrust in and out with the same violent energy he’d used before. Christine’s pussy felt like a punching bag as he pounded her hard and fast, her body twitching with each impact. She couldn’t tell which was worse: the sickening feel of his shaft and head scraping against her walls when he pulled out, or the agony of being stretched out a little further when he forced himself back in. All she knew was that each thrust hurt worse than the last, her battered insides only growing more sore and tender as time went on.

The desk thumped against the wall in rhythm with his rough, frenzied movements. Christine pulled desperately at her bonds, trying with everything she had to break free. Once she felt the material around her right wrist rip, and she was able to move it a couple inches, but almost immediately reality stuttered and a new makeshift rope was there.

He leaned over her, and she felt his hot breath on her neck, and then he began to kiss her there, his slimy tongue probing her skin. He forced her shirt up even further so he could leave more disgusting kisses on her shoulder and back. Meanwhile, his hands felt like they were everywhere at once, kneading her breasts, stroking her hair, running over her butt and legs and sides. The way he was violating her personal space, turning every part of her body into something for him to explore and enjoy regardless of what she wanted, felt almost as bad as his cock pounding her.

Christine didn’t know whether to be sad or relieved when she felt him spurt into her again. She was unhappy but not surprised when he kept going, attacking her flesh with tongue and fingers until he grew stiff inside her again. By the time his cock went soft and stayed that way, there were four loads of semen dripping out of her slit and down her leg.

He didn’t say anything before he left. The world just skipped a beat again, and she found herself unbound, no longer blindfolded or gagged, splayed across her desk. Even the sweat and cum stains on the floor were gone, and the room smelled of disinfectant.

To Christine’s surprise, her pussy was red and sore, but looked otherwise normal when she examined it with a mirror. She hobbled out of her room on shaking legs and into the bathroom. She did her best to clean her insides with some toilet paper, wincing at the pain that even light contact caused. It wouldn’t be enough to stop her from getting pregnant, she knew, but she had to try.

A knock on the bathroom door made her jump. “Everything alright?” came her mother’s voice from behind the door. “You’ve been up in your room an awful long time. I thought you were going to come downstairs and watch some TV with us once the homework was done.”

Christine opened her mouth to tell her mother everything that had happened, but hesitated. If she said something, she couldn’t take it back. There would be police, and an investigation. They would ask her questions. And what would she tell them? She’d neither seen nor heard her assailant. And her story of how it had happened… even now, having lived it, it still seemed ridiculous to her. They would never believe her. They would assume that she was lying, trying to cover something up, or maybe just mentally ill.

And it would be news. The police weren’t supposed to disclose that sort of thing of thing to the public, but they talked to their families, and their families included kids at her school. That’s why everybody knew that Rich had been busted back in October for trying to buy beer with a fake ID, and that Ellen had been expelled two years ago because she’d been making money selling perverts underage photos of herself.

Within a few days, every single student and teacher would know that she’d been raped, and that she’d spun some crazy story about it. They’d never look at her the same way again.

Christine couldn’t change the past. Going to the police wouldn’t undo what had happened to her. It would just make her life hell. It was as simple as that.

“Everything’s fine, Mom,” she called out. “Just more homework than usual tonight. Still got some left.”

“Oh, my poor Chrissy,” said her mother sympathetically. “If you ever need help with any of it, you can come see me or Dad about it, okay? I know we’re just a pair of doddering old fogeys, but we’ll do what we can.”

“Thanks, Mom. I will.”

“Goodnight honey.”


Christine listened to her mother head back downstairs. She stayed in the bathroom for a long while, thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. What had happened tonight was terrible, but it was over. She had to move on with her life.




Jordan whooped for joy as he jogged through the empty streets. That had been… that had been amazing!

He cupped his hands to his mouth. “I got to fuck Christine Summers’s virgin pussy!” he bellowed, and listened to the sound echo around him. “Four creampies!”

There was no chance anyone would hear him, of course, not while time was frozen. But he just had to say something. It was too incredible not to.

Christine had been a virgin. He’d never even considered that might be the case. He’d always assumed that she had boyfriends left and right. And maybe she did, but none of them had ever gotten to do what he just had.

And four times, too! His dick ached from the exertion, probably way more than her pussy did right now. It had been super sore since he’d first taken her virginity. Jordan felt a little ashamed at the memory. Not over what he’d done, but how long it had lasted. He’d been so excited at what was going on, at the thrill of finally losing his virginity and the surprise of hers, that he’d cum on the very first thrust. He hoped she didn’t think less of him for it.

But that was okay, he told himself. He’d made up for it afterward. He’d gone all out with her, eager to make her cum as many times as possible and make their first time together even more amazing for her than it was for him. He wasn’t certain how many he’d managed, but from the way she kept moaning, he figured it must have been at least a dozen times. And as for him… “Four fucking times,” he breathed, grinning.

This had been a fantastic idea. No more shy, bumbling Jordan. He’d been bold and confident with her, like the guys she was into. Sure, what he’d done was technically rape, but not in the ways that mattered. Everything he’d done was out of love, and as long as she ended up loving him back, what was the problem? He knew the score: girls all said they wanted nice guys, guys like Jordan, but it was the bad boys they were really into. What they all wanted deep down was someone who’d pin them down and fuck them hard.

Well, Jordan was going to keep giving Christine exactly what she wanted. He needed to be even more confident around her in the future. Take the lead, let her know that she could trust and follow him. Don’t ask, just take. Don’t request, just command. He’d sweep her off her feet, and show her that he was the only man for her. Jordan knew how these things worked. In no time at all, he’d have her addicted to his cock, if she wasn’t already. She’d love him so deeply, she wouldn’t even care that he was little dorky Jordan.

Christine was definitely his girlfriend now. He could take her again anytime he wanted, as much as he wanted. It was a shame he couldn’t tell her about it himself.

He stopped abruptly, considering. He couldn’t tell her directly, but there was more than one way to talk to her. He let out one last whoop and resumed heading home, this time at a slower walk. A little time for his junk to heal, that was all he needed. And then the real fun could begin.

13 thoughts on “Time Waits (Part 2)

  1. This isn’t my kind of story BUT I loved the victim’s perspective and how it oozed helplessness. It made me hot 😉


      1. If by “loved” you mean “fucked”, “cherished” you mean “kept in the basement where you never see daylight again”, “adored” you mean “enjoying your tight holes and pretty tears”, and “pampered” you mean “constantly degraded and humiliated”, then yes, pet.


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