Time Waits (Part 5)

Christine’s week of suspension ends.

Story Codes: M/F, Rape, Bestiality, Humiliation, Watersports, Scat, Fantasy


Chapter Eleven

“Hello, Christine,” began Wednesday’s note. “I have a feeling you don’t like me very much after yesterday. Perhaps if you’d known what my anger felt like before you betrayed me, you would’ve better appreciated my kindness in only making you fuck and suck.

“Appreciation is the name of the game today, Christine. We were both virgins the first time, so you’ve never gotten to experience what other dicks are like, have you? Maybe being with someone else will help you appreciate what a caring lover you gave up. I’m such a wonderful person, in fact, that I’ve left you a new gift to use today, something you’ll deeply appreciate when the time comes.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you go out and fuck some stranger. This will be someone you already know, even love. Maybe the two of you will make it work where we failed?

“First, you’ll bring Bailey to your room…” The instructions that followed were long, detailed, and explicit. Christine felt filthy just reading them. She couldn’t do this! She knew Jordan wasn’t going to accept that, but she just couldn’t!

“please not this” she wrote on the note. “ill do anything else please”.

For the next twenty minutes she waited nervously, occasionally pacing back and forth. When Jordan’s answer arrived, it came in the form of seven polaroid photos that appeared on her bed. She picked up the first one nervously, not understanding what she was seeing at first. It was just an ordinary school locker, like the kind they used at school. But then she saw the flash drive taped to the side of it, labeled “Christine Summers’ Dirty Secrets”.

Her heart began to race as she looked at the other pictures. All of them had a flash drive just like the first in it. Six of the seven were in other students’ lockers, and the seventh was taped to the windshield of her father’s car. She turned the photos over and found a handwritten note on one of them.

“I don’t even know how soon someone might find one of these, Christine, or what will happen if they do. If you don’t want to find out, then send me my video. I’m not removing them until you do.”

Christine stared at the pictures for another few seconds, and then she bolted down the stairs to get started.

“Heeehr boyhh,” she called a short while later, leading Bailey to the center of her room. “Guuhhd boyhh.” The shaggy dog whuffed at her, tongue panting in a doggy grin. He gave a confused whine as she gently pushed him over onto his side, but made no attempt to get back onto his feet.

Her words were garbled by Jordan’s “gift”, a new gag. Instead of a ball, this one had a large and thick metal ring. Dangling from the front was a rubber stopper on a silver chain.

Feeling strangely guilty, Christine brought her head down to the small red stick at his crotch. The Summers family had chosen not to neuter their dog, deciding that it was too cruel to do just to make handling him easier. Christine had never regretted their decision until now.

Bailey whined again as she licked him through the ring gag, his penis stirring but not growing any longer. Despite its smallness, it felt stiffer than Jordan’s did when he was soft.

He grew excited as she kept licking him, thrusting his hips back and forth with increasing energy, but his penis continued to show almost no reaction. Confused, she tried stroking him up and down with her hand too, as Jordan had made her do during more than one lunch break in the bathroom.

The reaction was almost immediate. The thrusting magnified, and his penis began to grow before her eyes, much faster than she would’ve expected. At the same time, a lump started swelling up at the base. Even though he’d just gotten an erection, Bailey stopped thrusting and began to cum, his semen spraying up like a fountain. As ordered, she kept licking him. Nearly twenty minutes had passed before his penis began to shrink and the output stopped.

By that time, his cum was everywhere. The floor, the desk, the bed, and of course, on her. Her entire body was splattered with his seed. It felt gross, and she itched to clean herself off, but Jordan’s instructions had explicitly warned her to leave it on the whole day.

That had been the easy part. Next came the cleanup. Christine hunched over the floor and began licking up the scattered drops of dog semen. Having to swallow it would have been bad enough, but her orders were to keep it all in her mouth. This requirement got progressively harder as she lapped up more and more of Bailey’s cum off every surface it had gotten on. By the end of it, she couldn’t stick out her tongue without some spilling out, so she had to scoop drops up with her finger instead and then suck them off. She’d never felt more filthy.

When the only cum left was what was plastered on her body, she pointed her mouth towards the camera, as instructed, to proved that it was full of sperm. Then she plugged her gag closed with the stopper.

Her job was two thirds done, but the most difficult part was yet to come. Christine got on all fours, and pulled the vibrator out of herself, sticky and wet. The smell of her arousal filled the room quickly, and she could see its effect on Bailey. He rolled back on his feet, and padded towards her.

She gasped as he lapped at her wet pussy. That… that shouldn’t have felt so good. He did it again, and she couldn’t tell whether she wanted him to stop or keep going forever. She quivered, pleasure and shame mingling.

Christine reached back and found her clit, rubbing it furiously while Bailey’s big tongue continued running over her soaking crotch. It wasn’t lust that drove her, it was orders. Jordan’s note had been very clear on this point: while Bailey was licking her pussy, she had to cum on camera. He’d warned her that in the first video it had been obvious which orgasms were fake and which were real, and this one needed to be genuine. If she couldn’t cum before he stopped, she would have to start all over from the very beginning.

Fifteen minutes passed before her body began to shake, overwhelmed by physical sensation. She lost her balance and flopped down, still twitching with pleasure as Bailey kept going at it. She tried to push him away gently and he ignored her, tail wagging as he licked her. She tried to push harder and show him she was serious, but her limbs felt like wet noodles after the powerful orgasm, and, and he felt so good…. No, she silently moaned. No, she couldn’t, she couldn’t…

She did. Even though Jordan had only demanded she finish once, she came a second time from Bailey’s eager tongue. And a few minutes later a third. Soon after that the dog finally began to lose interest, and Christine was able to recover enough to get away from him. She gave the camera a miserable look, feeling more wretched than ever before. Jordan had forced her to do it the first time, but the other two had been entirely her fault. She’d let her dog lick her out without any outside coercion, and Jordan was going to have it on video.

She felt like a dirty, disgusting slut, but at least it was almost over. There was only one final humiliation. Christine pulled the stopper out of her gag, showing the camera that all the dog cum had remained in her mouth the entire time, then gulped it down.


Chapter Twelve

“Hello Christine. After seeing how much fun you were having with your doggy lover yesterday, I can’t even imagine what the two of you have been getting up to in the meantime. I know it will be difficult, but you’ll have to keep it in your pants today, though, at least until your day’s assignment is done. Feel free to get back to doing what you love after 🙂

“I will appear in front of you three times. You are to be on your knees, in full gear minus the gag, and with your hands behind your back. When I appear, you will immediately begin the first half of today’s lesson: throatfucking.

“The first time I appear, you will have five minutes to fit my entire prick down your throat. If you fail to meet this deadline, I will immediately broadcast all three videos you’ve made for me so far out to everyone I can find.

“The second time I appear, you will have only two minutes to swallow my dick. The third time, only thirty seconds. These will be tight deadlines, but I have faith in your ability as a cocksucker.

As for the second half of the lesson… we’ll leave that as a surprise :D”

It took three hours for him to appear the first time. Three hours of anxious, nervous waiting, knowing that if she didn’t perform well enough, her life would be over. Christine’s knees were killing her by then from being trapped in the same position.

When he finally showed up, her hands were cuffed, and the old blindfold was back on. Neither of these were a particular surprise, but she hadn’t expected the third addition: something clipped onto her nose that sealed her nostrils shut. Panting through her mouth, already in a panic, she had to seek out his cock with her tongue.

When she found it, Christine immediately tried to swallow him, but as soon as he hit the back of her throat she gagged and pulled away. The next two attempts ended the same way.

“Tick tock,” came Jordan’s voice. His real voice, no longer masked. He had no reason to hide anything from her now. “Three minutes”.

Frantically she sought out his cock again. She took him in slowly this time, letting his head butt up to the entrance of her throat and then gradually pushing, fighting the growing urge of her gag reflex. The first time she had to stop, coughing, but the second time worked, and the head of his cock ended up wedged in her throat.

She realized then that she couldn’t breathe, and instinctively pulled back for air. “Two minutes,” Jordan announced. Christine went back, taking him into her throat again.

More prepared for the lack of oxygen this time, she continued to push her face closer to him, feeling his dick slide deeper and deeper into her gullet. “One minute”.

After what felt like an eternity, she felt prickly hairs against her nose, and realized she’d reached his pubes. His entire cock was now in her throat, the sensation both obscene and immensely uncomfortable.

“Twenty seconds to spare,” said Jordan calmly. “Now for part two.”

She thought he was cumming at first. It wasn’t until a few seconds later, when his cock remained a hard painful lump inside her, and the stream of liquid had increased instead of slowing down, that she realized the truth. Jordan was pissing down her throat.

She groaned with humiliation and shame, and even with the dick in her mouth he seemed to understand her perfectly. “Quit your whining, bitch. You’re just a toilet today. Toilets don’t talk back.”

He was right. She was just a toilet. Christine cried quietly as Jordan finished his business. Once his bladder ran dry, he pulled out of her, and was gone.

The second time occurred about two hours later. She had an easier time swallowing his dick, which was good, because she barely made it in by the time limit. It felt worse the second time than it had the first, not only because her throat was now sore, but because she knew what would follow. Another long stream of urine was fired straight into her stomach.

The third time occurred late, so late Christine was worried her parents would arrive home soon. Knowing that he’d given her only seconds to work with, she all but threw herself on his dick, praying that her willpower would overcome her gag reflex. It worked.

She braced herself for another round of piss, but instead Jordan grabbed her head by the ears and pumped her head back and forth, fucking her throat on his dick. Her gag reflex kicked in again, but her throat muscles were no match for him, and she gagged uselessly around his prick as she began to slowly choke to death.

Just when she was on the verge of passing out, he began to cum down her throat. Actual cum this time, not piss. Even half delirious from oxygen deprivation, she felt the burning shame of being grateful to be fed semen instead of urine.

His dick softened and slipped out of her, but his hands remained around her head, holding her still. He said nothing, but he didn’t have to. With resignation, she opened her mouth wide, and caught the oncoming stream of piss. She swallowed it all down like a good toilet, and he vanished without a word.


Chapter Thirteen

“Hello, Christine. Today’s the big day! 😀

“Since tonight will be so important, I’m leaving you the whole day to plan. I suggest you think about it very carefully. I will be judging your performance, seeing if you can truly embrace your new life as my sex slave.

“I want to see obedience.

“I want to see enthusiasm.

“I want to see a hungry slut who loves having her master in her.

“I want to see a humble slave who understand that she ranks lower than a crushed maggot.

“At the end of the night, and not a moment before, I will let you know my judgment. Let me be clear: I’m in no mood to go easy on you. Give it your all or don’t even bother. If I find you lacking, I will find excuses to keep you at home, so that we can continue with more lessons. Harsher, more degrading lessons that will make you think back on this week like it was a relaxing vacation. If you do manage to pass, we’ll go back to the old ways. It won’t be exactly the same as what we had before, but some bridges can never be unburnt.

“Because I’m such a caring person deep down, I’ve enclosed a list of some of my favorite BDSM videos and stories. I hope you can appreciate that every time I came to one of them, it was while picturing you in my mind. Feel free to use them to draw inspiration from. Or don’t. I’ve already had lots of fun ideas for ways to play with you if you fail this test, and I won’t mind the chance to try them all out ;)”

Christine sat on her bed and closed her eyes, allowing herself to cry softly for a few minutes. Then she wiped away her tears, pulled out a pen and paper, and queued up the first video.


She was there, kneeling and waiting. He let time unfreeze and stood in front of her, silent.

Christine flinched at his sudden appearance, but recovered quickly and bowed her head. “I… I am sorry, master. I was a dumb, foolish bitch for challenging your authority.”

He gave no response.

“I did not appreciate the tender love that master was showing me,” she continued. “I broke his heart, and for that I deserved everything he did to me this last week.

“I am scum. I am garbage. I am a shit eating, dog fucking sex slave. I should be honored that master can stand to be in the same room as me, let alone be willing to bless my body with his wonderful dick.

“Now I… I will demonstrate how sorry I am by giving master what I would never give anyone else in the entire world: my anal virginity. I will do my best to make master’s dick fall in love with my tight butt.”

He felt a small smile play across his face, but he gave no other reaction. Christine swallowed nervously.

“I… I’ve thought long and hard about what position would best please master. I believe I’ve found it.”

Slowly she stood, and walked to her desk. She bent down over it, spreading her legs, and used her hands to grip the sides. “This is the position I was in the first night, when master first claimed me. This was what he chose to enjoy my virgin pussy. I believe it, it’s appropriate that the same position be used for my virgin asshole, save for one clear difference: I am no longer bound. Master does not need to tie me down to make me obey anymore, does not need to hide his appearance or gag me. I will service him freely, riding his cock like the… the well trained slut he’s made me into.”

She heard him coming closer, and pushed her ass out towards him. “I’m not telling you no this time, master. I’m telling you yes. Always yes. Whatever you want.”

Christine put her hands back and spread herself open, showing him the hot hole waiting. Beneath, the flat base of the vibrator was still inside her.

It was like a dream come true. Jordan stepped forward. Her anal ring was a little stiff, but making her wear the butt plug all week had paid off. It took only a modicum of effort to wedge the head of his cock into her.

Christine shuddered, gasping in pain. For several long seconds, the only sound in the room was her labored breathing. “I… I am so happy,” she whispered. He couldn’t see her expression, but he could see the tears dripping down onto the desk. “M-master… feels so good in there…”

With a clear effort of will, she gripped the sides of the desk again, and began to push back on him. He stood still, letting her do all the work, watching in fascination as her asshole slowly swallowed him, one millimeter at a time. It was warm and tight and glorious in there, like a glove that had been made just for him. A single drop of blood ran out the side of her stretched hole.

By the time he bottomed out, her whole body was trembling from the strain. “I… do I feel good, master?” she stammered. “I… I only want to… to make you feel good…” She wiggled her behind, seeking even deeper penetration despite the obvious agony.

He held his tongue, content to enjoy the sweet. smooth tunnel. After a second’s hesitation, she moved forward, her asshole slowly sliding down the length of his shaft until it cradled his head in a warm embrace. Then she reversed, swallowing him back up at that same slow, leisurely pace.

She continued the slow back and forth movement for several minutes. “If… master wants to change the speed, he need only ask,” she said eventually, panting. “His slave will do all the work pleasing him, but she will act as he d-directs. Master does not need to speak a word, only tug my hair, or my nipple clamps, or slap my ass. After all, I am… I am master’s ride animal. You tug my reins to… to let me know where to go.

“One tug is… is for this. Master’s slave will pleasure him slow.. s-sensually, to prolong the experience, let them both savor his… his cock inside her. When he wishes, I will ride you… ride you for hours and hours and… like this, without complaint.

“Two tugs means fast. I know how much master likes… likes it fast. Your slave will fuck you hard… hard enough to make my tits j… jiggle and bounce, like you love…

“And three… three means that master wants to cum. I will… will do whatever it takes to wring the cum out of… out of your wonderful dick.

“Whatever master chooses, I am his to… to command.” She fell silent, still fucking him at that measured, tantalizing pace.

Intrigued, he reached out and gave her hair two sharp tugs. She responded immediately, letting out a feigned squeal of pleasure. “Oh yes! Slave will work hard for master!” Her asshole was still tight, but her hips began slapping against his, her knuckles white as she pushed herself back and forth at full speed.

Slow had felt good, but this… this was amazing too. Her anal ring was no longer a tight focused band traveling up and down his shaft. As it moved faster, the sensation became less specific, more of a general sense of pleasure across his entire dick.

Jordan sensed that he was almost on the verge of cumming. If he surrendered to that mounting feeling, he’d spurt within moments. But he didn’t want that just yet.

He gave her ass a hard slap, enough to leave a bright handprint. “Yesss, master!” she groaned, her pace slowing. “Your slave wants this to keep going too. If only… if only master could fuck my asshole all night long. I would be… I would be the happiest slave in the whole world.

“Of course… of course master does not need to hold back when he doesn’t want to. Once he has cum, I… I will follow the second most important rule of being master’s slave. The first is… is that I fuck master whenever and however he wants. The second is to… to make master want to fuck me. I will do whatever it takes to get master hard again, so that he can have me over and… over.”

Even at the slower pace, her words were intoxicating. Every slow, steady thrust around his dick felt like it was about to milk out his cum. Reaching for her hair, he tugged once, twice, and then a third time, pulling her whole upper body back towards him.

Her hips became a sudden blur, and he felt her anal muscles tighten down on him. “Give it me, master,” Christine begged. “Give me your cum… my asshole needs it… it’s so hungry for you… please…”

Numb with pleasure, Jordan obeyed, his hot seed pouring out. Her tight hole drank it all up, squeezing every last drop out of him in almost no time at all.

He stepped backwards, limp cock slipping out of her, and waited to see if she would continue her performance.

She didn’t disappoint. Swiveling around, she knelt, and her tongue immediately began making the rounds. He watched her cover his shaft and head in her spit, then set to work on his pubic hair, intent on taking care of every last speck of shit, blood, and cum. She even ducked her head to lap carefully at his balls.

Once he seemed completely clean, she apparently decided on her own initiative to fuck him with her throat. She took his stiffening cock into her mouth and deeper. She gagged as she did so, but kept it up, pulling back slowly until she was practically kissing his head, then going back down.

Her eyes glanced up at him, and he thought he understood what she was trying to say. He reached a hand out to her hair and she nodded. Two tugs later, she was bouncing her head up and down on his shaft, sputtering and drooling but making no attempt to slow down.

While she did all this, Jordan thought hard about her behavior so far tonight. He knew that regardless of what had happened earlier this week, she found cleaning his dick disgusting. Just as she no doubt still hated anal sex. And he’d wager she wasn’t fond of throatfucking either. Yet she’d done all three so easily. There were two possibilities: in the first, she was still trying to play him. This was just a longer version of what she’d done before, trying to get him to lower his guard and slip up. If that was the case, her training had not been sufficient yet, and would need to discipline her seriously over the coming weeks. The other possibility…

Christine belched suddenly, and yanked her head away from him half a second before retching, vomit bubbling out of her mouth to splash all over the carpet. She went completely pale. “I-I-I’m sorry master!,” she said, speaking quickly. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

To his astonishment, she began to lick her own mess off the floor, still speaking in between. “Your slave is… *lick*… not yet used to… *lick*… master’s fat cock in her… *lick*… her throat.. *lick*… she needs… *lick*… more practice… *lick*… she’ll clean all of this… *lick*… every last drop… *lick*… I swear… *lick*… I swear… *lick*… please don’t hurt her… *lick*… I’m sorry… *lick*… I’m so sorry…”

Jordan could no longer hold back his laughter. This wasn’t a con. She wasn’t trying to play him. This was pure fear. She’d broken, just like he’d wanted. “No worries, pet,” he said, rubbing her hair affectionately. “Your master isn’t angry. Just clean it all up, and then get on the bed. I want to see how good you are at anal cowgirl.”

She proved to be very good indeed, making up for her lack of experience with enthusiasm. He ran her through a whole gamut of positions that night, and she performed fantastically at each and every one. Her came in her ass no less than six times, and was treated to a warm tongue bath after every load. She managed to throatfuck him to completion once too, and though she threw up two more times in the process, not a single drop escaped her attention.

Jordan laid on her bed, pleasantly exhausted. Christine crouched on top of him, licking his soft dick in an effort to get him hard again. He pushed her away, hard enough to knock her to the floor, but she made no complaint, just knelt in front of him, waiting for further commands.

“I think you’ve completely drained my balls tonight, slave,” he said. “We keep going, I’m gonna start shooting blood.”

“Will master come back tomorrow night for more?” Christine asked.

“Do you want me to?” he asked.

“Your slave always wants her master around!”

He cleared his throat. “Cut the bullshit for a second; I want an honest answer. Do you want me to show back up tomorrow night and fuck your asshole again?”

She looked away. “…No…” she whispered. “Of course not… that was… it was so awful… I had to…” She flinched and turned back to him. “But I won’t complain!” she insisted in a panic. “I’ll say and do everything you want, just like I did tonight! I’ll be your slave, I promise! You don’t have to keep hurting me!”

Jordan grinned. “That’s good,” he said. “That’s perfect.“ He settled back down onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling. “Now tell me how much you’d love it if I came back tomorrow.”

Christine squeezed her eyes shut for a second, and he could almost see the gears shifting in her head. “Oh yes, master, I would be so grateful! My ass still needs a lot of training, and your dick is such a wonderful teacher. Maybe if I’m a really good girl, master will even fuck me himself. Oh, if he grabbed hold of my tits and thrust hard into my ass, I think I’d just melt!”

“Suck my dick while you talk, slave. I think I’ve got one more load hiding in there after all.”

Her mouth closed around him, hot tongue swirling. Her words became gibberish, but the words themselves didn’t matter, just the desperate, terrified desire to please behind them. He began to stiffen again.

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