Time Waits (Part 6)

Christine returns to school.

Story Codes: M+/F, Rape, Bondage, Humilation, Watersports, Scat, Fantasy


Part Four – Ambition


Chapter Fourteen

Christine didn’t look at herself in the mirror as she got ready for school.

She didn’t want to see what she’d become. She’d once thought that she was strong, that she was someone who wouldn’t give up under any kind of adversity. Last week had proven her completely wrong.

She tried not to think about the weekend. Jordan had spent every night with her. He’d taken her pussy a few times, and she’d sucked him to completion a few more, but almost every time had been in her ass. God, it ached. She could still feel his sperm in there, sticky and itchy in her guts. She’d tried to wash herself out several times, but it hadn’t helped. She was starting to think that the sensation would never go away. Especially since she was increasingly certain he was going to continue using her like that every chance he had.

Christine spun toward her reflection. “I did what I had to!” she hissed softly. “If I’d been brave, he just would’ve found another way to fuck me!”

She stared at herself. She looked so tired. Defeated. She’d given up everything she had, every last trace of dignity and self respect.

She looked away, and continued getting ready.


The gossip around her hadn’t died while she’d been gone. Everywhere she went, she heard soft, malicious laughter. Even her friends wouldn’t hang out with her that morning. Nadine looked like she wanted to say something, but one of the other girls tugged at her arm and whispered something in her ear, and Nadine nodded and left with her.

At another time, the sudden isolation would have been devastating. Christine had lost every last ally she had. She was on her own, and she’d learned the hard way that she alone was not enough. But she had bigger worries on her mind now. Besides, she didn’t deserve to have friends. Like she’d told Jordan, she was just garbage. Better if she accepted that.

Jordan’s message arrived during second period. “Welcome back party on the third floor 😀 You know the time and place. Don’t be late!”

A second message arrived about five minutes later. “Put your slave clothes on in there.”

Christine panicked. Those things were back at home! “I’m sorry, master,” she wrote. “Your slave was too stupid to brin-”

And then there was more writing. “No worries, I just put them in your bag. I even went and brought you a shiny new butt plug, now that your ass can take it. Aren’t I a nice master? 😉 Just make sure to bring them with you from now on.”

The final note came a few minutes after that. “It’s gonna be just like old times! 😀 😀 :D”

Just like old times, indeed. Christine wished that she’d been less stubborn from the beginning. Some dick sucking, some casual sex? She’d been a fucking idiot for ever trying to fight back. If she’d been nicer, if she’d just let him have his way, he probably would’ve started treating her better. She really did deserve everything he’d done.

The third floor bathrooms were as empty as ever, but Christine felt acutely self conscious as she took off her clothes and put on the collar, gag, clamps, and dildos. It was a stupid reaction; Jordan had already seen her in them. But she’d worn them before in the safety of her own home, even if that safety was a joke. Now she was wearing them in public, and somehow that made it feel different.

The new butt plug wasn’t as big as Jordan’s dick, but still significantly longer and thicker than the first plug. She gritted her teeth as she pushed it up her sore hole.

Once everything was set, she put her clothes in her backpack and moved into the stall to wait. She kept expecting reality to flicker and the usual cuffs to appear on her wrists and ankles, but nothing happened. Where was he? Normally she would’ve been happy he was late. Every minute spent waiting for him was one less minute of sucking him off. But now it just made her anxious. What was going on?

Just as she was starting to wonder if he was going to show up at all, she heard the bathroom door open and a deep voice called out in a mocking tone, “Anybody hoooome?”

Christine tried to stay perfectly still and quiet as multiple sets of footsteps approached. Yes, she was mostly naked, worse than naked really, with several strangers just a few feet away. But they had no reason to think that she was here, and the stall door was closed and lock… she hadn’t felt it that time. Hadn’t noticed the change. But she saw it now, both of them. Her stall door had been unlocked, and a new piece of graffiti had been scrawled on the door in Jordan’s handwriting: “Enjoy! :D”

And then the door was flung open, and for the first time, someone other than Jordan saw her. Saw her for the sex slave she was. Christine froze as she saw Danny standing there, flanked by two of his footaball teammates. No, this couldn’t be happening. Not him.

The blond jock whistled in appreciation. “Holy fucking shit.” He turned to one of his friends. “I swear to God, I was still half convinced this was some weird fucking prank.”

Christine tried to speak, but nothing came out but mush through the gag. She reached her hands behind her head to pull it off, and discovered the third change of Jordan’s she’d missed: a tiny padlock securing the straps behind her head. If she finagled the straps, she could probably pull the thing off anyway, but she hesitated. If Jordan had done it, it meant that he wanted her to keep the gag on. And whatever might occur in this bathroom for the next hour, it wouldn’t be as bad as what Jordan might do if she angered him. Shaking, she let her hands drop to her lap.

Danny turned back towards her. “I have known a lot of sluts at this school, but damn, bitch, you’re my new favorite!” He dug into his pocket and pulled out his phone, then punched something up. A video began playing.

It was her. Her on Monday, masturbating. Danny pushed another button and switched to Tuesday’s video, Christine squatting over a bowl. “Now I know why you always turned me down. You’re into some freaky shit, ain’t ya? But we’re willing to play along.”

Christine shook her head and made an upset, negative sound through her gag that Danny seemed to understand. “Don’t worry, slut,” he said. “We paid your pimp in advance.” He gaze swept up and down her naked body, expression hungry. “If you ask me, he’s seriously underselling you. Twenty bucks for a full hour with all three of us? Shit, you can’t even get a decent meal that cheap these days.”

She trembled in fear. Would Jordan really set her up like this? Of course he would. Even if he thought she’d learned her lesson, she was just a toy to him now. She eyed the bathroom door. Could she make a break for it? Not yet.

Danny saw her looking toward the exit and grabbed her arm to pull her close, turning her to put her back to him. His hands went to her breasts, groping the soft mounds as he embraced her. “You can’t go leaving just yet, slut,” he said right in her ear, giving her nipple chain a light tug with one finger. “You’re a cheap fuck, but we’re still gonna get what we paid for.”

Out in the open, Christine saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror, and the stark reality of her situation hit her. All they saw when they looked at her was the disgusting, slutty slave outfit she had on, and even if she wasn’t gagged, she had a feeling they wouldn’t care what they said. They had every intention of fucking her right here, right now, and they weren’t going to care whether she consented or not. She twisted out of Danny’s grip, sprinting for the exit.

The entire third floor would be mostly abandoned. If she could just find a good place to hide… it didn’t even have to be for long, just until the end of lunch. Even just a few minutes might be all she really needed. Danny was an idiot, but not so stupid as to try raping her out there in a classroom, where there was a greater chance of someone seeing them. If he had to go searching for her, he might just give up…

A hand snagged her dangling leash as she went by and pulled, hauling her off her feet. She was dragged back towards the trio. Danny shortened his grip on her leash, until his hand was inches away from her head, leaving her no slack. “What did I just fucking tell you, bitch?!” he shouted, face red with anger, and slapped her with his free hand. “We paid for the whole fucking hour, and we’re gonna get the whole fucking hour!”

He slapped her again, then unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. “So you’re gonna start by giving me the best goddamn face fuck I’ve ever had. If I feel any teeth, I bash them out of your skull and start over.” He grabbed the ball gag in her mouth and pulled. The straps protested for a moment, then tore, the padlock making a tinkling noise as it bounced onto the bathroom floor.

Before she could even think of something to say, he forced her down into a crouch and shoved himself into her mouth. Christine gagged at the foul, sweaty taste. She sucked Jordan’s dick so often that it didn’t have much of a chance to get dirty anymore, and she’d almost forgotten what that tasted like. She tried to give him what he wanted, to suck on him, but it became immediately clear that Danny wasn’t looking for a blowjob. He put his hand on the back of her head and shoved her face into his crotch, his cock burrowing into her tight throat.

Christine gagged, but only once. Jordan had spent considerable time over the weekend breaking down her gag reflex, and she barely even threw up anymore. She focused on keeping her teeth away from him, and on breathing through her nose. She just had to stay calm, and she’d be okay.

Someone grabbed her by the legs and pulled back, until she was hanging in the air parallel to the ground, held up only by their hands on her hips and Danny. “I’m gonna get a head start on her cunt,” said one of the other jocks.

Christine struggled not to panic as her vibrator was yanked out and tossed aside. “God, the slut’s soaking wet,” the boy said as he replaced it with his thick cock, slamming it all the way into her and immediately pounding her hard. She had to breathe carefully. She had to stay calm. She had experience taking things in all three of her holes, even if her vibrator and butt plug were never violently penetrating like he was doing.

“Hey!” complained the third. “No fair! How am I supposed to get a piece of her like this?”

“Not my fucking problem,” said Danny. “You snooze, you lose. Wait your turn.”

“Yeah, I’ll wait my fucking turn,” he grumbled, then grabbed Christine’s nipple chain and pulled down hard, making her squeal in surprised pain. “Hurry up and make them cum, whore! The sooner they finish in your slutty holes, the sooner I get to go.”

“Shit yeah,” said the one using her pussy. “She gets tight when you do that. Like she’s gonna rip my fucking dick off with her snatch. Keep it up!”

The third one started yanking the nipple chain again, and Christine twitched and sputtered. She… she had to… she…

She choked and coughed, suddenly unable to breathe. Her roiling stomach, already upset by the taste of Danny’s filthy dick and no longer held in check by her resolve, rebelled. With her mouth plugged, the vomit exited her body the only way it could, spurting out her nose and all over her face and Danny’s cock.

The senior laughed and fucked her throat harder. “I love a messy face fuck, whore! How’d you know?” Barely conscious, Christine could only shudder and gag as his puke covered dick slapped against her wet face again and again, making obscene noises.

The jock behind her came first, her involuntarily clenching pussy draining the semen out of him. She tried to beg him to pull out first, to not cum inside her, but the only noises that made it out of her were the sloppy sounds of a throatfuck.

Danny finished very shortly after, pinning her head against his crotch so he could pump his sperm into her stomach. When he was finally done, he wiped his vomit encrusted cock off on her face and hair, then let her collapse to the floor. “Who’s going where next?”

“I want her pussy,” said the third jock immediately, the one who hadn’t had a turn yet.

“Too bad,” said Danny. “I’m calling her pussy.”

“What?! What happened to first come, first serve?!”

“I’m the one who hooked us up with puke face, I get first dibs.”

“Then I call her mouth,” said the second, jumping into the conversation.

“Bullshit!” sputtered the third. “I’m not getting left out again!”

“Relax, dumbshit,” said Danny. “Her asshole’s open.”

The third jock brightened up. “Oh yeah! I’m gonna tear that shitter apart! … Hey, she’s trying to get away!”

Christine had been crawling towards the exit, trembling limbs barely able to support her, but the men hauled her back away from it. The third one laid down, and they pulled out her butt plug and made her squat over him and lower her asshole onto his waiting cock, until she was laying on top of him and he was thrusting up into her.

“Fuck yeah,” he chortled. “I was worried puke face would have a loose asshole when I saw that thing in her, but her backdoor’s still nice and tight! A hole this good, I bet she shits cum covered turds every day! If she ain’t, that pimp of hers is fucking wasting her!”

Then the second one crouched over her upper body, taking her head in one hand and her nipple chain in the other. “I’m not a gross freak like Danny,” he told her before starting her second throatfuck of the day. “So if you try to be smart and throw up on me, I’ll rip your damn nipples off.”

He blocked her view of everything, so she couldn’t see when Danny entered her pussy, but she felt him. “I always knew I’d get into Christine Summers’ pants someday,” he told the others. “And now here I am, balls deep in puke face’s tight dripping cunt. Ain’t life great?”

“You think that hole’s great?” said the third, already panting with desire. “Wait till you try this fucking asshole!”

“Oh, I will,” Danny promised. “I will.”

All three boys came in a matter of minutes, while Christine squirmed and ached between them. They stood, relaxed and happy, while she moaned on the floor.

“Hey Danny,” said the second jock. “Didn’t her pimp send you something about her ass?”

“Oh yeah! What was it…” He pulled out his phone and punched some buttons. “Uh, here it is: ‘after you use her ass, remind my whore that she’s still a slave, and needs to follow proper etiquette, even with others.’ The fuck do you think that means?”

Christine knew, though the knowledge made her sick. She struggled up to her knees, and turned her face to the third boy’s cock, licking off the filth from her anus. The whole task, from head to balls, took only two minutes, and she finished the way Jordan liked, by kissing the head and saying “Thank you for using my filthy asshole, and thank you for the privilege of getting to clean up my mess. It was delicious.”

The boys exchanged glances. “Puke face is one fucked up whore,” said the second boy. “For a minute there, I almost thought she wasn’t really in to this stuff.

“Nah,” said Danny. “I told you man, she’s just a weird kinky slut. Didn’t you hear what she was doing that got her suspended? You loved every minute of the pounding we just gave you, didn’t you puke face?”

Christine swallowed. “…Yes, sir. I loved it.”

He smirked. “Man, to think, I totally had the wrong idea about you all these years. Thought you were some prissy little goody two shoes, when you were really just another cock hungry bitch, weren’t you?”

“…Yes, sir.”

“Well let’s make up for lost time!” He slapped her butt. “Now get over here and stuff my cock in that ass, puke face!”

She did. She rode him while one his friends plowed her cunt and she titfucked the other. Then after she’d licked Danny clean and thanked him, the one boy who hadn’t tried her ass yet took for it for a ride, while Danny and the other alternated throatfucking her. They yanked her head from one crotch to the other every couple minutes, changing which cock was buried in her gullet and which she was gently wanking with her hand. When they were both ready, they finished themselves off with their own hands while she obediently held her mouth wide open to receive their cumshots. They came in her mouth, on her face, in her eyes, and in her hair, and a minute later the third boy finished up her ass.

All three of them were a bit spent after that, but there was still fifteen minutes to go, so they made her suck on all of them while playing with herself. One of them decided it would be funny to piss in her mouth without warning her, and all three laughed until they cried when her only response was to meekly gulp it down and thank them for letting her enjoy her favorite drink (another rule of Jordan’s). After seeing that, the other two had make her swallow their piss too, of course.

As they finally got ready to go, Danny pulled a crumpled and dirty dollar bill out of his pocket. “Can’t go forgetting the tip, right puke face?” he said cheerfully, and shoved it as far into her asshole as his fingers could reach. All three of them started getting dressed, laughing about the good time they’d just had, while Christine just laid on the floor in an exhausted heap, covered in sweat, cum, and vomit.

And then several teachers barged through the door.

They stared at her in shock, taking in her filthy appearance, and shame brought fresh tears to her eyes. She heard them shouting at Danny and the others, ordering them to get on the ground, but she barely heard it. There wasn’t going to be any hiding this.


It was a long time before she was allowed to go home.

She didn’t see Danny or his friends, though she could sometimes hear Danny bellowing in rage from another room. Everything on their phones that related to her “pimp” was gone without a trace, and their story about it dismissed as a cheap lie.

One of the teachers found a blanket to cover herself with eventually, and once at the station someone handed her a set of fresh clothing and sent her to the bathroom, so that she could remove the bondage gear and get dressed. The gear itself was taken away as evidence after that, and as Jordan wanted, the first thing she asked the officers when they came to question her was if she could have it back. She didn’t miss the look of disgust on their faces.

The police had many questions for her, and she answered them just as she’d been instructed, via notes on her arm that Jordan had left and then erased. She told them that she’d gone up to the third floor bathroom to strip off her clothes, put on her bondage gear, and masturbate on the toilet, as she did on her lunch break most days. Danny had somehow found out about her habit, and that day, he and his friends had barged in and assaulted her.

Jordan was the hero of the hour. The teachers and police both told her how he’d overheard Danny and the others discussing their plan and followed them, how he’d gone running into the teacher’s lounge begging them to come and save her. She saw him at the station in person too. It was rare these days, to see him as an actual person and not her master. He came running and embraced her, telling her that the nightmare was over. That she was safe now. He kissed her on the lips, and she kissed him back like she knew he wanted.

Danny and the others were sent to jail, where they eventually plead guilty and wound up in prison.

And Jordan officially became her boyfriend.

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  1. Is this the end of the series? That would be a real pity – Christine’s wonderful descent into more and more humiliation could go on and on. Was getting Danny and his two cronies into jail the real objective? Whatever – I just love the detaileddescriptions of the gang rape.
    I just wish there would be more to come.


  2. Would love to see Jordan force her to fail her class, and drop out of high school. Forget college. Here we come beauty school.


  3. Have a question was this chapter inspired by the story initiations by Ln I’m sorry all I have are the author’s initials not a full name


      1. It’s too bad it’s a great story there were a lot of problems with it though I actually wanted to see if I could ride in correct the problems but I didn’t have the right mind to do it you should try to read it though it’s pretty good


  4. i dont own this didnt write it here it is

    Initiations by Laura N
    “Hey, Laura!”
    I glanced over my shoulder to see who could be calling me. It was after 4 p.m. and I had thought everyone had gone home. I had stayed extra late as usual to help Mrs. Levine with some stage props for the school talent show. Now I slowly turned and saw it was Brenda Sikes.
    I don’t like Brenda, and I know she doesn’t like me. We’re too much alike. Both of us are blondes and good-looking in a youthful, fashion model sense. We both have slim, athletic figures, softly rounded in all the places that get a boy’s attention. In fact, both of us competed last year for the same boyfriend, Brad Mitchell. Brad had finally chosen me and we were currently considered a sure thing for Prom King and Queen. I already won Homecoming Queen just a month ago. Brenda lost that one to me too. It certainly didn’t make her like me any better.
    Now I was up for a new opening on the senior cheerleading squad, and I knew Brenda was livid about it. Brenda was already on the squad and the last thing she wanted was to have me on it, too. It surprised me when I learned Brenda was supporting my nomination for the squad. Even though we always play at being civil to each other in public, Brenda supporting my application for the vacancy on the senior squad just didn’t make sense.
    “Hi, Brenda. What’s up?”
    “Well, you know your nomination for the cheerleading squad? I just wanted to be the one to tell you, you’re in!”
    “What?! Hey, that’s great, and thanks Brenda! I guess I have to admit I misjudged you. I thought you were against me being on the squad.”
    “Me? Whatever could have given you that idea? Sure, we’ve had our little differences, but I have to admit you’ve got the looks and the athletic ability to be on the cheerleading squad, and we need another cheerleader before the big game next week. The other girls all like you too, so what can I gain from opposing you for the squad? You can pick up your outfit from Mrs. Garrett tomorrow, and then all you need to do is complete the initiation and learn the half dozen routines we plan to do at the next game.”
    “What initiation?”
    “Well, it’s just a little thing the girls on the squad have all the new girls do to show they’ve got the stuff to be a part of the team. We all did the initiation when we joined the squad. It’s pretty silly, really, just a scavenger hunt for some item around the school. You’re not allowed to tell anyone about it or you’re off the squad. Once it’s completed you deliver the item, whatever it is, to the squad at the next workout. That’s tomorrow evening after school so you won’t have too much time. I guess you’ll have to do it right now, before the custodians lock the building for the evening. I have your instructions sealed in this envelope for you. I’ll see you at practice tomorrow then, ok?”
    “Ok, Brenda. See you tomorrow.”
    Brenda walked off with a little bounce in her step that I didn’t like one bit. I knew she hated me and that couldn’t have changed that much so quickly. Now, with a feeling of trepidation I shifted my backpack to my other shoulder and tore open the envelope, shaking out the piece of notepaper with the instructions for my “initiation” task.
    I stood staring at the paper as I read the few sentences on it over and over again, not quite believing it:
    Go to the boy’s locker room and bring back a used jockstrap from any of the lockers belonging to a member of the football team. A new or unused jockstrap will not count. The dirtier the better. Please note which member of the team you take it from. Destroy this note after reading it. Good luck and see you at practice!
    P.S. If you don’t get the jockstrap, don’t bother to come.
    In a daze, I tore the note up, shredding it until it was only confetti, which I tossed in a trash can. If I did the task and got caught, I’d be suspended for sure, plus I’d be the laughing stock of the whole school. Everyone would think I’m a pervert! No wonder Brenda was so conciliatory and nice! Yet, if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t be accepted on the cheerleading squad, and I wanted to be a cheerleader in the worst possible way. There was no way I was going to finish high school and not have cheerleader on my list of activities and achievements in the school yearbook!
    I took a deep breath and looked around. Seeing no one nearby, I walked to the school door and opened it. There was nobody in the hall but Sam, one of the custodians. I mumbled an excuse for his benefit about forgetting something in my locker and walked down the hall, turning the corner and then walking quickly toward the gym. Everything was quiet here, too. It was almost 5 p.m. and everyone had gone home, even the teachers. I breathed a silent prayer and slipped into the gymnasium.
    Inside the gym it was quiet as a grave, except for my heartbeat, which was pounding so hard I was sure everyone within a mile could hear it. My footsteps sounded like gunshots to my ears as I walked across the echoing expanse of hardwood floor and paused outside the door to the boy’s locker room. Taking a last glance around, I took a deep breath and opened the door just enough to slip inside.
    Other than the walls being painted a dirty blue color, the room looked a lot like the girl’s locker room. There were several rows of grey metal lockers, with worn wooden benches in front of them. In a corner was a large hamper full of dirty towels left over from today’s gym classes. To the side, in a separate room without a door, was a large open shower, with cream-colored tile on the floor and walls, a dozen or so shower heads jutting from the walls about six feet above the floor. The floor sloped down to a series of drains in the middle. Looking around the locker room again, I saw that the wall of the locker room beyond the lockers held a porcelain trough that extended almost ten feet along the wall. I realized it was a communal urinal. It looked long enough for the whole football team to pee in at the same time, though why they might want to do that I couldn’t imagine. I shrugged my shoulders, dismissing it as just another one of those guy things that made no sense.
    There was only one door other than the door I had entered by. It led to Coach Brenner’s office. There was no light coming from under the door so the coach must have left already. In the corner next to the urinal was a couple of toilet stalls, one with an out of order sign on it. The air smelled foul and humid, stinking of sweat and mildew and what else I didn’t even want to speculate. The girl’s locker room at least smelled better. How could boys live like this?
    Listening again, I didn’t hear anyone moving around. Reassured, but tense, I wiped my forehead, realizing I was starting to perspire. I hurried along the line of lockers to the set reserved during football season for the team members. They were easy to identify since each bore the name of the player and sported the school colors painted on them, unlike the grey battered lockers used in common for gym classes. The first few team lockers had combination locks on them, but I finally found one where the lock had failed to latch when the owner had last opened it. I glanced at the name, noting it belonged to Leroy Douglas. Leroy’s a 250 pound lineman and probably nobody would dare steal anything from his locker, locked or not. I opened the door and looked inside.
    The first thing that hit me was the stench. Don’t men ever wash their socks and underwear? There were several samples of each wadded up on the floor of the locker, along with a pair of football shoes and a torn jersey. A clean uniform hung from a hanger. A pair of shoulder pads hung from a hook on the side of the locker, and a shelf held the helmet and a number of pads for elbows, knees and other body parts liable to take a beating during a game. A stick of deodorant and a small bar of soap lay next to the helmet. Toward the back of the shelf was a tan-colored wad that I realized was the athletic supporter. It was the size of a softball! Gingerly I reached in and pulled it out, revolted to be touching something that had been in such intimate contact with Leroy Douglas’s genitals. There was something in it and I realized it was what guys call a cup. Without touching it, I shook it out onto the floor of the locker.
    I opened a side pocket of my backpack and dropped the filthy, disgusting strap into it. I mentally swore I would burn the backpack and get a new one once this was over. Zipping up the pocket, I suddenly was shocked to hear the sound of footsteps approaching. Looking around, I hurried over and crouched behind the hamper of used towels. Trembling, I heard the door to the locker room open and the sound of several people enter.
    “Come on guys. Brenda said she saw her go in here. I got to see this, man!”
    “Yeah, if Brenda isn’t bullshitting us. I wouldn’t put it past that little slut. Everyone knows she’s got it in for Laura, ever since Laura beat the fuck out of her for Homecoming Queen.”
    “Look! Someone’s been in Leroy’s locker!”
    “Fuck yeah, man! I know I closed this fucking door! And my jockstrap is missing! Wasn’t that what Brenda said Laura was looking for? A strap?”
    “Yeah, sure was. Let’s search the place. Ain’t too many places to hide in here.”
    I tried to scrunch down as much as possible, but it didn’t help. I felt a hand on the back of my neck and I was forced to stand up and face the boys.
    “Fuck! She wasn’t shitting us! Here’s Laura just like she said!”
    My face felt like it was on fire and I must have turned beet red in embarrassment. I was mad, too. It was obvious to me now that Brenda had set me up!
    “Please, let me go! Please? I didn’t hurt anything, really! I just needed to do this initiation thing for the cheerleading squad! Please don’t tell on me?”
    I looked from face to face. All of the boys had smirks on their faces and were eyeing me in a way that made me very uncomfortable. There were four guys, all of them members of the football team. Derek Johnson, Leroy Douglas, and the twins, Frank and Billy West. They surrounded me, Frank West with his hand around the back of my neck, keeping me from running. Billy West jerked open my backpack and found the rolled up jockstrap, which he tossed to Leroy Douglas. Derek Johnson grinned and licked his lips.
    “Seems to me, we got you fair and square Laura, and if you want us to keep your dirty little secret and let you go, you’ve got to give us something in exchange. It’s only fair, right Laura? We keep quiet about what a pervert you are and you do something nice for us?”
    I swallowed, trying to get a little moisture down my suddenly bone-dry throat. When I spoke it came out barely a whisper.
    “Please, let me go, please? If you tell, they’ll expel me. I’ll be ruined. Please, Brenda Sikes set me up. You know that.”
    The four boys laughed. Billy reached out and roughly grabbed my arm.
    “Shit yes she set you up, you dumb little cunt! You’ve been royally screwed by Brenda Sikes, and now you’d better let us royally screw you too, bitch! Right, guys?”
    Panicked, I looked from face to face, recognizing naked lust in every one of them, heads nodding in agreement. I tried to struggle, but Leroy reached out and slapped me hard across the face. I gasped and started to cry.
    “Please, no, don’t! Please! I’m . . . I’m a virgin.”
    “Then it’s past time you learned to rock and roll, cunt! I figure you should put on a show for us Laura, and then we’ll let you out of here. If you refuse, it’ll be all over school tomorrow that we caught you hiding out in the boys locker room, waiting to see our cocks like some kind of pervert! You’ll never live it down, bitch! We got you good and you know it! Now, strip, and dance for us while you do it! I want you to do a real strip-tease act for me and my buddies.”
    The four boys forced me back into the shower, blocking the narrow door to the showers with their bodies. I moved slowly back until I was standing pressed against the far wall, under the line of shower heads. The four boys were slowly beginning to strip themselves, never taking their eyes off of me.
    “Come on Laura, you put out for us, we put out for you, and everybody is happy and no one knows jack shit. You go home free and we’ll even let you take Leroy’s jock strap with you. I think that sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right guys?”
    Again all the boys nodded their agreement. All four were naked within a minute or so, their bodies muscular from working out, their cocks starting to swell in anticipation as they stared at my slender, trembling body, tears leaking down my cheeks.
    I couldn’t help it. My eyes were glued to their bodies, like a stunned deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. I slowly began to remove my clothing, knowing I had no choice. If only I survived this, I silently swore, I’d kill Brenda Sikes.
    I hesitated as I reached the point where all I was wearing was my bra and panties. I know I’m good-looking, but the way the boys’ eyes were bugging out, you’d think they were looking at a centerfold in one of those disgusting porn magazines! All four of them were starting to breathe heavily and all four had raging hard-ons that looked almost painfully stiff.
    Derek swallowed and began to finger his cock, stroking it as he stared. Shit, he thought, this girl is built! He ran his eyes up and down Laura’s slender body, noting her flat belly, gently flaring hips, and the full, firm, round breasts with the brown button nipples jutting from them under the diaphanous lace of her bra. Laura’s thighs and legs were long and lean and he found his eyes drawn to the area between her thighs. He slowed down his stroking, afraid he’d cum right then and there, before ever getting a chance to fuck the mortified and terrified seventeen year-old girl in front of him.
    For my part, I cringed back against the cold tile wall, my eyes roving over the four boys’ faces in hope of seeing some fragment of sympathy, of mercy. I might as well have been looking at the wall. Derek gave a cruel laugh that echoed in the shower room.
    “Shit, Laura, you’re fucking awesome! Now, move around, bitch! Dance while you take off your bra and panties, babe! I want to see those big round tits of yours bouncing and those sweet hips of yours swaying for us. Come on, do it, bitch!”
    Slowly I began to sway my hips, sobbing with humiliation and fear as I slowly reached behind to unfasten my bra. I let it slide off my shoulders and fall to the floor.
    “Shit, babe, you got the sweetest ta-tas I’ve ever seen! I’m gonna get my hands on those knockers of yours, slut, while I pound that sweet little pussy of yours. I want to see that now, Laura. Show us your pussy, babe.”
    All the boys were hard as rocks by now, their cocks jutting out from their bodies and swollen to frightening size. None of them was less than seven inches long and Leroy was a terrifying nine inches long and almost three inches in diameter! Even more slowly, my eyes full of tears and pleading silently for mercy, I bent over and slid my pastel pink panties down my thighs and legs until I stepped from them, totally nude. I shivered and placed one hand over my breasts and one hand over the small patch of golden curls between my thighs.
    The four boys moved forward now, surrounding me while I was forced to just stand there, my hips still gently swaying, blushing and shivering, my eyes reflecting the fear that flooded me. The four boys just seemed more excited by my fear. Frank and Billy West each grabbed an arm and pulled it away to either side so I was unable to cover my body with my hands. I stood helpless, naked while Leroy moved up and began to squeeze my breasts clumsily, his cock rubbing against my thighs and pussy mound. He pinched my nipples and I couldn’t suppress a squeal of both pain and outrage.
    “Shit, Laura, you’re the hottest slut in school. I figure since it’s my jockstrap, I should get to do you first. What do you think of that, bitch?”
    My eyes focused on his face, leering at me, the lust burning in his eyes as he began to roughly knead my breasts in his large calloused hands. I felt his massive black cock rub against my inner thighs and I squeezed my legs together tighter, glancing down in horror to see his massive cock head rubbing along my tender mound, oozing pre-cum as it slid along the lips of my pussy!
    “Oh, please, you don’t have to do this, please, it’s not too late! Let me go and I won’t tell anyone, please!”
    “Shit, bitch, we can do anything we want and you still won’t tell anyone! Now, I think you’d better get on your knees bitch, cause we’re gonna have us some fun!”
    I felt myself forced down by the two boys holding my arms. I fell to my knees on the hard, cold tile of the shower room floor. Suddenly I found Leroy’s cock waving in front of my face.
    “Suck it, Laura. Suck it real good and lick it. If you bite me, we’ll toss you naked out of here and you can run home in nothing but your skin. Better yet, we’ll lock you in the cafeteria and let everyone see your sweet little fucked body in the morning. I bet the school would be talking about your fucking sweet body for the whole year and what a slut you are! Now open those sweet lips of yours, Laura, and suck!”
    I shook my head and clamped my lips closed. Then I gasped as Frank grabbed my hair and pulled hard. I tried to scream, but Leroy jammed the head of his penis between my lips. I could feel the soft glans on my tongue, and taste the sweaty, foul taste.
    I gagged and tried to pull back, but someone put their hands behind my head and pushed it forward, driving Leroy’s fat black cock deeper into my mouth, sliding it over my tongue. Leroy began to moan and push his cock back and forth, in and out of my mouth. I could taste the salty sweet taste of his pre-cum and I thought I would vomit. The only thing that kept me from throwing up was that Leroy’s cock blocked the only way to release the vomit. I gagged again and choked it back down, too terrified to bite.
    Leroy began to grunt with each push in and out of my mouth, I could see his eyes glaze over and suddenly I felt a rush of thick, hot liquid on my tongue, flooding my mouth. I swallowed convulsively, trying not to choke. Jet after jet of Leroy’s hot semen flooded my mouth and I swallowed it down, sick and humiliated and disgusted. Then it was over and Leroy pulled his softening cock out of my mouth.
    “Shit, Laura, that was pretty good for a bitch that never sucked a cock. You got real talent, babe.”
    Leroy moved back and Derek motioned for me to lay down on my back. Frank and Billy West pushed me down so I was splayed on the cold, damp tile of the floor. Derek was hard as a rock from watching me blow Leroy’s huge black cock and now he knelt between my thighs, using his hands to force my thighs further apart until I was practically doing the splits.
    “It’s time you became a woman, Laura. Just relax and enjoy. I want you to make love to me, just like we were lovers in bed together. Once I’m in you, wrap your legs around my waist and give me some action back. Understand, bitch?”
    Weakly, I nodded my head. Derek moved forward and sprawled on top of me, running his tongue up over my cheek and lips as he used one hand to position his eight inch cock at the entrance to my cunt. His warm, naked body pressed down on mine. I turned my head and squeezed my eyes shut, just praying it would be over soon.
    Smack! I jerked my head and opened my eyes, my cheek stinging from the blow. Derek was glaring down at me.
    “Don’t you close your eyes and turn away, bitch! I want to see your expression when I rip your virginity away from you. I want to see your face and see the knowledge of what’s happening in your eyes, you fucking little bitch!”
    Tears welled up anew in my eyes and blurred the sight of Derek’s face hovering over mine. I felt his cock head rubbing along the lips of my pussy, then slowly he forced it between and into my body. I gasped as I felt him enter me and Derek grunted as he felt my hot, tight, dry cunt tunnel close around his hard rod of man meat. It felt like I was being torn in half between my legs. I shrieked and cried and squirmed helplessly as Derek pushed deeper and deeper until he felt my hymen resisting his advance.
    He pulled back then and I shuddered, suddenly, irrationally, feeling a glimmer of hope. Maybe he was going to quit, maybe he had changed his mind! I looked through my tears into his eyes, only inches above my face. I could see the lust and excitement and I groaned, which turned into a scream as Derek drove with all the force of his hip muscles and body weight downward, driving through my hymen, tearing it brutally and not stopping until his groin was pressed tight against mine.
    I screamed again and again, my cunt on fire as he fucked my dry pussy, driving in and out harder and faster with each stroke. His cock was smeared with blood as he savagely took his pleasure of my shaking, crying, helpless seventeen year-old body. He fucked me for almost four minutes before he reached the point of no return and drove deep one last time before spurting his load of hot sperm into my womb.
    My eyes suddenly shot wide open as I realized what had just happened. Derek had raped me and blown his load of sperm into my womb! I desperately tried to remember how long it had been since my last period. It had been about three weeks ago! I screamed and began crying harder, hysterically trying to strike Derek with my fists. Frank and Billy finally sat on my arms, while Derek stood up and looked down at me squirming on the tile.
    “Damn you! Damn you, bastard! You could make me pregnant, you fucking piece of shit! I think I’m fertile!”
    Leroy suddenly grinned and slapped Derek on the back. “Fucking all right, man! You knocked the bitch up!”
    Derek didn’t look so pleased.
    “Fuck, you little bitch! If you’re pregnant, you’re gonna get an abortion! I ain’t gonna have my life ruined by some little tramp slut and her bastard!”
    Frank West suddenly shifted his weight on my arm. “Hey, Leroy, Derek! Maybe we can take care of it right now,” he said. “Let’s get a hose and flush her out! That should take care of things!”
    “Great idea! I’ll go get the hose from the gear shed by the field. You guys keep this bitch here until I get back.” Derek almost ran from the showers, reaching for his clothes as he went. After a minute the locker room door slammed. Leroy looked down and grinned again at me. Billy and Frank West did the same. Leroy fingered my swollen, sore pussy and looked at Frank and Billy.
    “I figure it’ll take Derek a good fifteen or twenty minutes to get to the field, find the hose and get back here. Plenty of time for you two to have a turn at this cunt, and maybe I can have seconds.”
    Frank West switched places with Leroy and moved over my body, between my thighs. He reached down and used his finger to probe me for a moment. I squirmed and cried as I felt his fingers rubbing my pussy and clit, massaging it. I was horrified to find I was getting moist! How could I?! It was as if my body was cooperating in being raped! Frank grinned and pulled his slimy fingers from my cunt, tasting them with his tongue before he moved to enter me with his hard seven-inch cock.
    “Oh, yeah, babe, yeah! I love my pussy hot and tight and wet, bitch! None of that dry cunt for me! I want it nice and smooth and moist. Ummmmm, oh yeah!”
    Frank began shoving his cock roughly in and out of me like Derek had done, fucking me as I squirmed in pain, my cunt’s insides feeling like it had been shredded on a cheese grater. There wasn’t much blood now, but it felt incredibly raw and sensitive. I groaned in agony and Frank interpreted it as a groan of pleasure. He picked up speed and suddenly drove deep like Derek had, just as his cock began to spurt his load of seed into me.
    My mind began to go hazy all of a sudden. It all seemed so unreal, like it was happening to someone else all of a sudden. It was like a nightmare that I would soon wake up from, though I also knew deep down inside it was no dream. I moaned again and wiggled helplessly on the damp tile floor, feeling the slapping of Frank’s groin onto my groin as he raped me. No, I realized, it wasn’t Frank now, it was Billy fucking me. He gave a whoop like a cowboy riding a bronco as he pulled out just in time to spray my breasts and face with his load of man seed. I felt the hot, sticky load on my face and breasts and tasted the saltiness of it on my lips.
    I must have passed out, because I woke up to find Frank and Billy each holding an ankle, holding my legs up in the air as Leroy knelt with his knees on my arms up over my head on the floor. He was playing with my breasts and nipples while he held my arms pinned, squeezing and kneading them like bread dough. Derek turned from where he had finished hooking up a length of garden hose to one of the shower heads and he reached down and began to shove the head of the hose up into my pussy. I screamed and tried to fight, but I was helpless as he shoved the hose deeper and deeper.
    Finally satisfied, he turned, placing his hand on the hot water tap. He grinned when he saw my eyes staring up at him in horror.
    “This should take care of any little problem, Laura, babe. I’ll flush that egg right out of you, bitch. You can thank me later.” Derek twisted the faucet and a gush of scalding hot water surged from the hose and flooded my womb.
    I screamed, my body suddenly a mass of cramps and pain as the hot water filled my body and overflowed my cunt, flushing the sperm and blood out of me, flowing across the floor to the drains. I wiggled and squirmed hysterically, fighting, but hopelessly out-muscled by the four athletes brutalizing and raping me. After what seemed an eternity of agony, Derek turned the water off and pulled the hose from my body. Frank and Billy and Leroy released me and I rolled over onto my side, curling in a fetal position as bloody, sperm-laden water drained from between my thighs. Gasping and crying, I rocked gently back and forth as the four boys stood around me, watching. It was Leroy who finally broke the silence.
    “Damn, all this has got me hard again! Look at that little cunt, laying there all helpless and hurting. She’s even hotter now than she was when she was fresh! I got to get me one last taste of that sweet body of hers, guys!”
    “Look, it’s getting late! The longer we take, the more likely someone will come along and find us! Let’s just get dressed and get out of here. I think we’ve taught Laura here a lesson. She won’t dare talk. Let’s go, guys.”
    “Fuck it, man. No one has sampled her ass yet, and I ain’t gonna let her go until I ram my big black babymaker up in her poop chute.”
    I felt hands grab me and force me up onto my hands and knees. Someone got behind me and I felt hands pushing my thighs apart. Then I felt Leroy’s thick finger pushing against my tiny puckered ass. The pain was the worst yet, and I screamed at the top of my lungs as he forced first one, then two and then three thick fingers into my anus. I could feel it tearing me, stretching my rectum as he pushed harder, brutally probing to loosen my ass for his cock. One of the guys went out and returned with some petroleum jelly, which Leroy smeared on his cock before returning to work his now lubricated fingers in and out of my ass. It still hurt horribly.
    Then the fingers were gone. I inhaled and then felt something hard and thick pushing against my ass again. Oh, God! It hurt! I screamed as I felt my sphincter give way and Leroy gave a grunt of pleasure as his black cock sank several inches into my virgin ass. It felt like I was constipated with the biggest bowel movement of my life! Then Leroy began to move it around, pulling it an inch or two back and then shoving it several inches deeper.
    A lifetime of unending pain passed as Leroy slowly worked his nine-inch cock deeper and deeper into my tight little rectum. His big hands were wrapped around my hips, using them as leverage as he plunged deeper and deeper. Suddenly I felt his hairy groin press against my ass cheeks and I realized he had forced all nine inches into my ass!
    He rested for a moment, enjoying the heat and tightness around his cock. Then he began to force it back and forth, fucking me in the rear, grunting as he enjoyed raping me anally. I burned with humiliation and pain, feeling his cock sliding in and out of me, each stroke like it was going to be the one to split me in half. Blood leaked down my inner thighs, to drip on the tile floor and run toward the drain in the middle. Suddenly he grunted and shot his second load of seed into me, this time in my rear. He pulled out then and I collapsed on the floor.
    I became aware of someone grabbing my hair and lifting my head. I looked through my pain wracked eyes and saw Leroy kneeling in front of me, one hand holding my head up by my hair and the other hand waving his soft, slimy cock in my face.
    “You ain’t done yet, Laura. You got to clean my cock first, babe. Your ass got it all slimy and covered in shit, so it’s only right you lick it clean.”
    Leroy moved forward and began rubbing his cock across my lips. I could taste the sickening flavor of my own shit combined with the salty taste of Leroy’s sperm and I gagged. That gave Leroy the chance he wanted and he shoved the first couple of inches into my mouth, forcing me to rub my tongue across his cock flesh, cleaning it for him. He started fucking my mouth again, shoving it in and out until the first five inches were shiny with my saliva and every bit of shit, blood, and sperm was on my tongue or in my throat and stomach. Pulling out of my mouth, he ran the long thick length of his cock along my lips, forcing me to tongue it until it was shiny with saliva and clean, too. He even made me tongue bathe his huge balls, sucking them into my mouth and rolling them around with my tongue. Finally he seemed satisfied and pulled away from my tongue. He dropped my head then and I collapsed back onto the floor, moaning softly as my body was wracked with pain from the abuse it had endured.
    I felt hands pick me up and carry me out of the shower. I was too far out of it to even start to think before I was placed in a cool white porcelain trough. The cool porcelain cradled me and felt wonderful on my pain ravaged body for a moment, until it registered where I was.
    It was the urinal trough in the locker room!
    My eyes looked up and focused on the four boys standing over me, their cocks in their hands and pointed at me. All four were grinning as they started to pee, bathing every inch of my body in their urine. It was only then I noticed that Billy West was aiming with one hand on his cock while the other hand held up a camera! He was taking pictures and I had never realized it! I gasped and struggled, trying to cover my face and get out of the trough at the same time. The boys were laughing and pissing on me, giving me a golden shower after my brutal multiple rape. Finally, I managed to slip over the edge and fall to the floor, where I lay groaning, naked and curled in a fetal position again. The four boys got dressed as I lay there, helpless and dazed, stinking of urine and sexual intercourse. With a final laugh, the four boys left, Leroy tossing his athletic supporter to me.
    I don’t know how long I lay there, but finally I realized I had to get up or someone would come and find me. I stumbled to my feet and managed to enter the shower, where I rinsed off the urine, blood, sweat and sperm on my body and hair. I used a dirty towel from the hamper to roughly dry myself off, then I pulled on my clothes (my underwear was gone) and stumbled out the door.
    ***** ***** *****
    I almost didn’t go to cheerleading practice the next evening after school, but I decided I’d be damned if I would let Brenda Sikes win. At least I was on the cheerleading squad, and I swore to make the most of it just to spite Brenda. I changed into the short skirt and tight sweater outfit I had collected from Mrs. Garrett and walked out to the practice field. I was sore and limping slightly from the brutal abuse I had suffered the evening before and I hoped I wouldn’t have to do anything too strenuous for this first workout.
    The football team was warming up for practice across the field and Brenda and the six other girls on the cheerleading squad were warming up too, doing stretching exercises. I walked over to Brenda and handed her Leroy Douglas’ jockstrap. She stared at it and then dropped it to the ground as if it was infected with leprosy. The other girls gathered around us. I grinned at Brenda.
    “There you are. That’s Leroy Douglas’s jockstrap, by the way. I got it from his locker in the boy’s locker room. See, it’s marked with his jersey number in black marker on the waistband.”
    I looked around in triumph, determined to snatch victory out of the jaws of a horrible defeat. I was suddenly aware of the shocked looks on the faces of all the girls but Brenda. Brenda had an evil smirk on her lips. Tammy White, who was the daughter of Reverend White, was the one who broke the silence.
    “I can’t believe it! I thought it was just a dirty lie Brenda was telling us, about how you’re a pervert, stealing jockstraps from lockers in the boys locker room to suck on while you play with yourself, and spreading your legs for anything with a cock! Then you walk out here and show that jockstrap you stole from Leroy Douglas to us like you’re proud of it or something! My God, Laura, you’re a slut, a pervert, a dirty whore! Get out of here and turn in that uniform! There’s no way we’re going to have a sick pervert like you on the squad! Once this gets around the school, you’re finished on the debate team, theater club, and any other activity you try to get into, too! Get out of here, you stinking pervert!”
    It was too late, but I realized just how far Brenda had gone to humiliate and ruin me. She had made up the whole initiation scam, to set me up to be raped, then set the ground work to ruin my reputation by having me provide the evidence in public of what appeared to be my perverted, sluttish ways.
    By noon the next day the story was all over school. In fact, it had grown in the telling. Now, word was I had fucked my way through most of the boys in school, plus Hamlet, the Great Dane mascot of Taft High School! I was a nymphomaniac pervert ready to bed anything with a cock. If I couldn’t get a cock, I sucked on used jockstraps while I played with myself. It made me ill, and I could see that people were buying the whole set-up!
    Then Billy West’s photographs appeared anonymously on the school bulletin board showing me naked and kneeling with a big black cock in my mouth, and other pictures of me being fucked by other cocks. One picture showed me laying in the urinal of the boy’s locker room, my body being peed on by unseen cocks, urine splashing all over my face and breasts and body. None of the pictures showed anything to identify the boys, but in each one I was easy to identify.
    Billy or Brenda or someone had chosen pictures from my rape that made me look like I was enjoying what was happening, or had altered them using a photo editing computer program so they made it look like I was enjoying myself! By the time the principal removed the pictures from the bulletin board, most of the school had seen them.
    I don’t know which was worse, seeing the way some people avoided me, or seeing how some of the male students and even teachers looked at me with speculation and lust in their eyes. I found several anonymous notes in my locker at the end of that day, asking for sexual encounters or making lewd suggestions. The one signed note was from Brad Mitchell, telling me it was over between us and to never talk to him again.
    A week later my parents, after consulting with the school and the police, transferred me to a private academy for girls with disciplinary problems. Now I just hope and pray I’ll survive until the end of the year and graduation. Most of the other girls here are former gang members or are into drugs and even worse stuff.
    The academy is run like a maximum security prison, with bars on the windows, a fence topped with barbed wire all around the school grounds, and strict rules for everything. It’s especially like a prison at night when they lock us in our rooms, eight girls to a room. During the day, we have to march to classes and we eat in a common mess hall with plastic spoons and no knives or forks. We’re never allowed off campus for anything. Parents visit only one weekend a month and they say all this is for our own good!
    To top everything off, I haven’t had my period in almost six weeks, and when I told my parents they told me there was no way they would let me get an abortion. I’ll have to have the baby and they’ll see it’s put up for adoption in another town. I don’t even know for sure who’s the father. It could be either Derek or Frank, since both came inside of me when they raped me. Of course, my parents don’t believe I was raped. They believe all the circumstantial evidence just like everyone else.
    Today, I got a letter from Brenda Sikes, gloating about how she and Brad Mitchell are together again. She wrote that she is now top contender for Prom Queen and she hoped I liked where I was now. I tore the letter up and flushed it down the toilet. Even with all of these things, I think I could probably cope with being here in this maximum security girl’s school for the few months left before I get my high school diploma, except I don’t like the way some of the more “butch” girls here look at me. It reminds me of the way those four boys did when they raped me.
    Somehow, even without any boys here, I don’t really feel all that safe…

    [This story copyrighted 2000 by the author, Laura N. All rights reserved.]
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  5. I could say a couple things in my defense I thought that after always enjoying his stories maybe he’d like to hear one I felt like I owed him one for all the times I’ve enjoyed his stories the previous author did State once that she didn’t mind if it was reposted
    but at the end of the day
    Perhaps you’re right mister darinost could you please delete my
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    1. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad 🙂 I, for one, enjoyed reading it, and I imagine that you are right – anyone who is likely to like the contents of this chapter probably will as well.

      A link might be better next time 😀 I really didn’t mean to sound like a jerk or anything.


  6. That’s okay but you should know a link would have been impossible this story is long out of circulation it’s probably 12 years old at least the author long since having retired it’s too bad


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