Time Waits (Part 6)

Christine returns to school.

Story Codes: M+/F, Rape, Bondage, Humilation, Watersports, Scat, Fantasy


Part Four – Ambition


Chapter Fourteen

Christine didn’t look at herself in the mirror as she got ready for school.

She didn’t want to see what she’d become. She’d once thought that she was strong, that she was someone who wouldn’t give up under any kind of adversity. Last week had proven her completely wrong.

She tried not to think about the weekend. Jordan had spent every night with her. He’d taken her pussy a few times, and she’d sucked him to completion a few more, but almost every time had been in her ass. God, it ached. She could still feel his sperm in there, sticky and itchy in her guts. She’d tried to wash herself out several times, but it hadn’t helped. She was starting to think that the sensation would never go away. Especially since she was increasingly certain he was going to continue using her like that every chance he had.

Christine spun toward her reflection. “I did what I had to!” she hissed softly. “If I’d been brave, he just would’ve found another way to fuck me!”

She stared at herself. She looked so tired. Defeated. She’d given up everything she had, every last trace of dignity and self respect.

She looked away, and continued getting ready.


The gossip around her hadn’t died while she’d been gone. Everywhere she went, she heard soft, malicious laughter. Even her friends wouldn’t hang out with her that morning. Nadine looked like she wanted to say something, but one of the other girls tugged at her arm and whispered something in her ear, and Nadine nodded and left with her.

At another time, the sudden isolation would have been devastating. Christine had lost every last ally she had. She was on her own, and she’d learned the hard way that she alone was not enough. But she had bigger worries on her mind now. Besides, she didn’t deserve to have friends. Like she’d told Jordan, she was just garbage. Better if she accepted that.

Jordan’s message arrived during second period. “Welcome back party on the third floor 😀 You know the time and place. Don’t be late!”

A second message arrived about five minutes later. “Put your slave clothes on in there.”

Christine panicked. Those things were back at home! “I’m sorry, master,” she wrote. “Your slave was too stupid to brin-”

And then there was more writing. “No worries, I just put them in your bag. I even went and brought you a shiny new butt plug, now that your ass can take it. Aren’t I a nice master? 😉 Just make sure to bring them with you from now on.”

The final note came a few minutes after that. “It’s gonna be just like old times! 😀 😀 :D”

Just like old times, indeed. Christine wished that she’d been less stubborn from the beginning. Some dick sucking, some casual sex? She’d been a fucking idiot for ever trying to fight back. If she’d been nicer, if she’d just let him have his way, he probably would’ve started treating her better. She really did deserve everything he’d done.

The third floor bathrooms were as empty as ever, but Christine felt acutely self conscious as she took off her clothes and put on the collar, gag, clamps, and dildos. It was a stupid reaction; Jordan had already seen her in them. But she’d worn them before in the safety of her own home, even if that safety was a joke. Now she was wearing them in public, and somehow that made it feel different.

The new butt plug wasn’t as big as Jordan’s dick, but still significantly longer and thicker than the first plug. She gritted her teeth as she pushed it up her sore hole.

Once everything was set, she put her clothes in her backpack and moved into the stall to wait. She kept expecting reality to flicker and the usual cuffs to appear on her wrists and ankles, but nothing happened. Where was he? Normally she would’ve been happy he was late. Every minute spent waiting for him was one less minute of sucking him off. But now it just made her anxious. What was going on?

Just as she was starting to wonder if he was going to show up at all, she heard the bathroom door open and a deep voice called out in a mocking tone, “Anybody hoooome?”

Christine tried to stay perfectly still and quiet as multiple sets of footsteps approached. Yes, she was mostly naked, worse than naked really, with several strangers just a few feet away. But they had no reason to think that she was here, and the stall door was closed and lock… she hadn’t felt it that time. Hadn’t noticed the change. But she saw it now, both of them. Her stall door had been unlocked, and a new piece of graffiti had been scrawled on the door in Jordan’s handwriting: “Enjoy! :D”

And then the door was flung open, and for the first time, someone other than Jordan saw her. Saw her for the sex slave she was. Christine froze as she saw Danny standing there, flanked by two of his footaball teammates. No, this couldn’t be happening. Not him.

The blond jock whistled in appreciation. “Holy fucking shit.” He turned to one of his friends. “I swear to God, I was still half convinced this was some weird fucking prank.”

Christine tried to speak, but nothing came out but mush through the gag. She reached her hands behind her head to pull it off, and discovered the third change of Jordan’s she’d missed: a tiny padlock securing the straps behind her head. If she finagled the straps, she could probably pull the thing off anyway, but she hesitated. If Jordan had done it, it meant that he wanted her to keep the gag on. And whatever might occur in this bathroom for the next hour, it wouldn’t be as bad as what Jordan might do if she angered him. Shaking, she let her hands drop to her lap.

Danny turned back towards her. “I have known a lot of sluts at this school, but damn, bitch, you’re my new favorite!” He dug into his pocket and pulled out his phone, then punched something up. A video began playing.

It was her. Her on Monday, masturbating. Danny pushed another button and switched to Tuesday’s video, Christine squatting over a bowl. “Now I know why you always turned me down. You’re into some freaky shit, ain’t ya? But we’re willing to play along.”

Christine shook her head and made an upset, negative sound through her gag that Danny seemed to understand. “Don’t worry, slut,” he said. “We paid your pimp in advance.” He gaze swept up and down her naked body, expression hungry. “If you ask me, he’s seriously underselling you. Twenty bucks for a full hour with all three of us? Shit, you can’t even get a decent meal that cheap these days.”

She trembled in fear. Would Jordan really set her up like this? Of course he would. Even if he thought she’d learned her lesson, she was just a toy to him now. She eyed the bathroom door. Could she make a break for it? Not yet.

Danny saw her looking toward the exit and grabbed her arm to pull her close, turning her to put her back to him. His hands went to her breasts, groping the soft mounds as he embraced her. “You can’t go leaving just yet, slut,” he said right in her ear, giving her nipple chain a light tug with one finger. “You’re a cheap fuck, but we’re still gonna get what we paid for.”

Out in the open, Christine saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror, and the stark reality of her situation hit her. All they saw when they looked at her was the disgusting, slutty slave outfit she had on, and even if she wasn’t gagged, she had a feeling they wouldn’t care what they said. They had every intention of fucking her right here, right now, and they weren’t going to care whether she consented or not. She twisted out of Danny’s grip, sprinting for the exit.

The entire third floor would be mostly abandoned. If she could just find a good place to hide… it didn’t even have to be for long, just until the end of lunch. Even just a few minutes might be all she really needed. Danny was an idiot, but not so stupid as to try raping her out there in a classroom, where there was a greater chance of someone seeing them. If he had to go searching for her, he might just give up…

A hand snagged her dangling leash as she went by and pulled, hauling her off her feet. She was dragged back towards the trio. Danny shortened his grip on her leash, until his hand was inches away from her head, leaving her no slack. “What did I just fucking tell you, bitch?!” he shouted, face red with anger, and slapped her with his free hand. “We paid for the whole fucking hour, and we’re gonna get the whole fucking hour!”

He slapped her again, then unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. “So you’re gonna start by giving me the best goddamn face fuck I’ve ever had. If I feel any teeth, I bash them out of your skull and start over.” He grabbed the ball gag in her mouth and pulled. The straps protested for a moment, then tore, the padlock making a tinkling noise as it bounced onto the bathroom floor.

Before she could even think of something to say, he forced her down into a crouch and shoved himself into her mouth. Christine gagged at the foul, sweaty taste. She sucked Jordan’s dick so often that it didn’t have much of a chance to get dirty anymore, and she’d almost forgotten what that tasted like. She tried to give him what he wanted, to suck on him, but it became immediately clear that Danny wasn’t looking for a blowjob. He put his hand on the back of her head and shoved her face into his crotch, his cock burrowing into her tight throat.

Christine gagged, but only once. Jordan had spent considerable time over the weekend breaking down her gag reflex, and she barely even threw up anymore. She focused on keeping her teeth away from him, and on breathing through her nose. She just had to stay calm, and she’d be okay.

Someone grabbed her by the legs and pulled back, until she was hanging in the air parallel to the ground, held up only by their hands on her hips and Danny. “I’m gonna get a head start on her cunt,” said one of the other jocks.

Christine struggled not to panic as her vibrator was yanked out and tossed aside. “God, the slut’s soaking wet,” the boy said as he replaced it with his thick cock, slamming it all the way into her and immediately pounding her hard. She had to breathe carefully. She had to stay calm. She had experience taking things in all three of her holes, even if her vibrator and butt plug were never violently penetrating like he was doing.

“Hey!” complained the third. “No fair! How am I supposed to get a piece of her like this?”

“Not my fucking problem,” said Danny. “You snooze, you lose. Wait your turn.”

“Yeah, I’ll wait my fucking turn,” he grumbled, then grabbed Christine’s nipple chain and pulled down hard, making her squeal in surprised pain. “Hurry up and make them cum, whore! The sooner they finish in your slutty holes, the sooner I get to go.”

“Shit yeah,” said the one using her pussy. “She gets tight when you do that. Like she’s gonna rip my fucking dick off with her snatch. Keep it up!”

The third one started yanking the nipple chain again, and Christine twitched and sputtered. She… she had to… she…

She choked and coughed, suddenly unable to breathe. Her roiling stomach, already upset by the taste of Danny’s filthy dick and no longer held in check by her resolve, rebelled. With her mouth plugged, the vomit exited her body the only way it could, spurting out her nose and all over her face and Danny’s cock.

The senior laughed and fucked her throat harder. “I love a messy face fuck, whore! How’d you know?” Barely conscious, Christine could only shudder and gag as his puke covered dick slapped against her wet face again and again, making obscene noises.

The jock behind her came first, her involuntarily clenching pussy draining the semen out of him. She tried to beg him to pull out first, to not cum inside her, but the only noises that made it out of her were the sloppy sounds of a throatfuck.

Danny finished very shortly after, pinning her head against his crotch so he could pump his sperm into her stomach. When he was finally done, he wiped his vomit encrusted cock off on her face and hair, then let her collapse to the floor. “Who’s going where next?”

“I want her pussy,” said the third jock immediately, the one who hadn’t had a turn yet.

“Too bad,” said Danny. “I’m calling her pussy.”

“What?! What happened to first come, first serve?!”

“I’m the one who hooked us up with puke face, I get first dibs.”

“Then I call her mouth,” said the second, jumping into the conversation.

“Bullshit!” sputtered the third. “I’m not getting left out again!”

“Relax, dumbshit,” said Danny. “Her asshole’s open.”

The third jock brightened up. “Oh yeah! I’m gonna tear that shitter apart! … Hey, she’s trying to get away!”

Christine had been crawling towards the exit, trembling limbs barely able to support her, but the men hauled her back away from it. The third one laid down, and they pulled out her butt plug and made her squat over him and lower her asshole onto his waiting cock, until she was laying on top of him and he was thrusting up into her.

“Fuck yeah,” he chortled. “I was worried puke face would have a loose asshole when I saw that thing in her, but her backdoor’s still nice and tight! A hole this good, I bet she shits cum covered turds every day! If she ain’t, that pimp of hers is fucking wasting her!”

Then the second one crouched over her upper body, taking her head in one hand and her nipple chain in the other. “I’m not a gross freak like Danny,” he told her before starting her second throatfuck of the day. “So if you try to be smart and throw up on me, I’ll rip your damn nipples off.”

He blocked her view of everything, so she couldn’t see when Danny entered her pussy, but she felt him. “I always knew I’d get into Christine Summers’ pants someday,” he told the others. “And now here I am, balls deep in puke face’s tight dripping cunt. Ain’t life great?”

“You think that hole’s great?” said the third, already panting with desire. “Wait till you try this fucking asshole!”

“Oh, I will,” Danny promised. “I will.”

All three boys came in a matter of minutes, while Christine squirmed and ached between them. They stood, relaxed and happy, while she moaned on the floor.

“Hey Danny,” said the second jock. “Didn’t her pimp send you something about her ass?”

“Oh yeah! What was it…” He pulled out his phone and punched some buttons. “Uh, here it is: ‘after you use her ass, remind my whore that she’s still a slave, and needs to follow proper etiquette, even with others.’ The fuck do you think that means?”

Christine knew, though the knowledge made her sick. She struggled up to her knees, and turned her face to the third boy’s cock, licking off the filth from her anus. The whole task, from head to balls, took only two minutes, and she finished the way Jordan liked, by kissing the head and saying “Thank you for using my filthy asshole, and thank you for the privilege of getting to clean up my mess. It was delicious.”

The boys exchanged glances. “Puke face is one fucked up whore,” said the second boy. “For a minute there, I almost thought she wasn’t really in to this stuff.

“Nah,” said Danny. “I told you man, she’s just a weird kinky slut. Didn’t you hear what she was doing that got her suspended? You loved every minute of the pounding we just gave you, didn’t you puke face?”

Christine swallowed. “…Yes, sir. I loved it.”

He smirked. “Man, to think, I totally had the wrong idea about you all these years. Thought you were some prissy little goody two shoes, when you were really just another cock hungry bitch, weren’t you?”

“…Yes, sir.”

“Well let’s make up for lost time!” He slapped her butt. “Now get over here and stuff my cock in that ass, puke face!”

She did. She rode him while one his friends plowed her cunt and she titfucked the other. Then after she’d licked Danny clean and thanked him, the one boy who hadn’t tried her ass yet took for it for a ride, while Danny and the other alternated throatfucking her. They yanked her head from one crotch to the other every couple minutes, changing which cock was buried in her gullet and which she was gently wanking with her hand. When they were both ready, they finished themselves off with their own hands while she obediently held her mouth wide open to receive their cumshots. They came in her mouth, on her face, in her eyes, and in her hair, and a minute later the third boy finished up her ass.

All three of them were a bit spent after that, but there was still fifteen minutes to go, so they made her suck on all of them while playing with herself. One of them decided it would be funny to piss in her mouth without warning her, and all three laughed until they cried when her only response was to meekly gulp it down and thank them for letting her enjoy her favorite drink (another rule of Jordan’s). After seeing that, the other two had make her swallow their piss too, of course.

As they finally got ready to go, Danny pulled a crumpled and dirty dollar bill out of his pocket. “Can’t go forgetting the tip, right puke face?” he said cheerfully, and shoved it as far into her asshole as his fingers could reach. All three of them started getting dressed, laughing about the good time they’d just had, while Christine just laid on the floor in an exhausted heap, covered in sweat, cum, and vomit.

And then several teachers barged through the door.

They stared at her in shock, taking in her filthy appearance, and shame brought fresh tears to her eyes. She heard them shouting at Danny and the others, ordering them to get on the ground, but she barely heard it. There wasn’t going to be any hiding this.


It was a long time before she was allowed to go home.

She didn’t see Danny or his friends, though she could sometimes hear Danny bellowing in rage from another room. Everything on their phones that related to her “pimp” was gone without a trace, and their story about it dismissed as a cheap lie.

One of the teachers found a blanket to cover herself with eventually, and once at the station someone handed her a set of fresh clothing and sent her to the bathroom, so that she could remove the bondage gear and get dressed. The gear itself was taken away as evidence after that, and as Jordan wanted, the first thing she asked the officers when they came to question her was if she could have it back. She didn’t miss the look of disgust on their faces.

The police had many questions for her, and she answered them just as she’d been instructed, via notes on her arm that Jordan had left and then erased. She told them that she’d gone up to the third floor bathroom to strip off her clothes, put on her bondage gear, and masturbate on the toilet, as she did on her lunch break most days. Danny had somehow found out about her habit, and that day, he and his friends had barged in and assaulted her.

Jordan was the hero of the hour. The teachers and police both told her how he’d overheard Danny and the others discussing their plan and followed them, how he’d gone running into the teacher’s lounge begging them to come and save her. She saw him at the station in person too. It was rare these days, to see him as an actual person and not her master. He came running and embraced her, telling her that the nightmare was over. That she was safe now. He kissed her on the lips, and she kissed him back like she knew he wanted.

Danny and the others were sent to jail, where they eventually plead guilty and wound up in prison.

And Jordan officially became her boyfriend.

8 thoughts on “Time Waits (Part 6)

  1. Is this the end of the series? That would be a real pity – Christine’s wonderful descent into more and more humiliation could go on and on. Was getting Danny and his two cronies into jail the real objective? Whatever – I just love the detaileddescriptions of the gang rape.
    I just wish there would be more to come.


  2. Would love to see Jordan force her to fail her class, and drop out of high school. Forget college. Here we come beauty school.


  3. Have a question was this chapter inspired by the story initiations by Ln I’m sorry all I have are the author’s initials not a full name


      1. It’s too bad it’s a great story there were a lot of problems with it though I actually wanted to see if I could ride in correct the problems but I didn’t have the right mind to do it you should try to read it though it’s pretty good


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