Time Waits (Part 7)

Christine gets a roommate.

Story Codes: MF/F, Rape, Humilation, Watersports, Scat, Fantasy


Chapter Fifteen

The next two months weren’t all that different for Christine. Jordan couldn’t rape her in the third floor bathroom anymore; it would cause far too much suspicion for her to be seen going back there. But she still spent most of her time before school, after school, and during lunch breaks in supply closets or empty classrooms, debasing herself to earn his cum. He even made her suck him off right in the hall once. When she didn’t make time for him, she’d find herself subjected to cruel punishments in school and worse ones at night.

He still visited her every night to rape and abuse her until he couldn’t get it up anymore. Usually he appeared out of nowhere like before, but these days he sometimes came in right through the front door. Her parents would welcome him in with open arms, like he was their own son. They’d already started dropping hints about how she’d have their approval if she wanted to get married after graduating college. Christine had to smile and laugh and eat dinner with him and her family. She obeyed like a good slave.

None of her friends ever talked to her anymore. Even the teachers looked at her with barely disguised disdain. Any sympathy she might have received from knowing she’d been raped by Danny and his friends was ruined by the knowledge that it had happened because she was such a filthy pervert. News reports of what had happened, including enough juicy details to read between the lines, became the first thing anyone would see if they searched her name online, and Christine wasn’t surprised when all of the colleges that had sent her glowing letters of acceptance informed her that she’d been moved to the waiting list for unspecified reasons.

Sometimes she considered taking drastic measures. Coming at Jordan with a knife or something. But they were just foolish fantasies. In private, there was no way she’d lay a hand on him, not with those powers of his. And in public… she was confident by now that he didn’t want anyone else to know what he could do, but he wasn’t going to let her kill him to protect his secret. At best, he’d use his powers once or twice and people would dismiss anything strange they saw as just their imagination. At worse, he wouldn’t even have to use them at all. Either way, there was almost no chance she’d be able to kill him, and an almost guaranteed chance she’d end up in prison for attempted murder.

The only strategy she could see was patience. They would both be going off to college in the fall, assuming she could find one willing to take her. Once they were hundreds of miles apart, she didn’t think even his mysterious ability could let him keep raping her. She’d make excuses to avoid coming home on breaks, and then… she’d get a job out somewhere, maybe change her name. Besides, once Jordan didn’t have easy access to her anymore, he’d probably set his eyes on a different target. It made her feel wretched to know that she might be responsible for someone else going through the same thing as her, but she didn’t see anything she could do about it.

So she waited, and she obeyed. For two months she was, as Jordan often happily told her, where every last drop of his cum ended up, and very nearly as much of his piss. His anger with her seemed to wear off over time, but his sadism towards her only increased. It didn’t take long to realize that his cruelty didn’t stem from a desire to punish her or teach her a lesson; he simply enjoyed making her suffer. He was a harsh and demanding master, and she was the meek slave who helped fulfill his every sexual fantasy.

And then one evening, Christine returned home to find an unfamiliar car sitting in the family driveway. She eyed it suspiciously as she walked by. There were no such thing as good surprises in her life anymore. Was it someone showing up to harass her? Maybe Jordan was sending people directly to her house to rape her now.

But when she got inside, she discovered that she knew the car’s owner. “Becky!” she said, amazed. “I… why are you back from college already? I thought spring break was still weeks away!”

Rebecca grinned back at her. “What can I say? I missed my little splort.”

Christine had spent her whole life worshipping her older sister. There was only a three year difference between them, but it always felt like such a huge gap. Even now, Rebecca was in college, she could drive, she could even drink alcohol. She was like a real adult.

Her sister was everything Christine had ever wanted to be, strong and smart and confident. It all came so easy for her. Unlike Christine’s boy shyness, Becky had always been fearless around guys, knowing exactly how to wrap them around her little finger. She barely needed to study, either; she’d gotten into her top college pick without even trying, breezing through all her exams. And in her last year of high school, she’d led their Track team to the nationals.

“Where are you going to sleep?” Christine asked. “I-I moved into your room, so will you take my old one?”

Rebecca’s smile faded just a little. “We’re gonna be bunking together, Chrissy. It’ll be like a sleepover every day!”

Ah. Christine suddenly understood why Rebecca was home so early. Her parents thought Christine needed a keeper. They’d been trying to get her to spend time with them more and more, but she couldn’t defy Jordan, so she had keep making excuses for staying holed up in her room for hours on end. And after the police and the suspension, and Danny… they didn’t trust her anymore. They hadn’t even tried to talk to her about it directly.

It stung, but only a bit. If her sister was going to be keeping tabs on her, it gave Christine the perfect excuse for Jordan. He’d no doubt push her to find ways to get herself alone from time to time, but he couldn’t completely dominate her evenings anymore.

After dinner, Christine helped Rebecca move a futon into the bedroom. “I’m just gonna chill out up here for a little while,” said her sister, sounding slightly embarrassed. “Play some games on my phone. You can go ahead and study.”

Christine smiled reassuringly at her, trying to show her that her presence was welcome. “Sure thing, Becky. Don’t worry about it.” She settled down to study.

As she’d expected, it didn’t take long for Jordan to comment on the situation. “The heck is your sister doing here?” was suddenly scribbled across one page of her textbook.

Christine glanced behind her to make sure Rebecca wasn’t watching her too closely, then wrote back. “I’m so sorry, master, she’s home from college early and staying in my room. I won’t be able to serve you tonight like usual. I’ll be so horny without you, but I’ll have to make up for it some other time.”

She could almost hear the sullenness in his reply. “Fine. You’d better be prepared for some serious fucking at lunch then.”

“Oh thank you, master,” she promptly answered. “I’ll look forward to it!” When no further messages came, Christine breathed a small sigh of relief. For tonight, at least, she was safe. She carefully erased every trace of the writing away just to be safe, then resumed her homework.

Behind her, Rebecca coughed. “Things have been kinda hectic around here lately, haven’t they?”


Rebecca rolled off the futon and sat down on one corner of the desk. “Alright, that was my attempt at subtle. I suck at subtle. What you told the cops about Jordan Seeler… did you really make it all up?”

Christine tried to meet her sister’s piercing eyes, but quickly gave up and stared at the floor instead. “…Yes, I made it all up. He… I got mad at him over something stupid, so I… I tried to get back at him… I didn’t realize how serious my prank was.”

“And the stuff you did at school, that got you suspended?”

“Just… just looking for attention.”

Rebecca sighed. “Christine, you’re a lousy liar.” Christine suddenly found herself swept up in her sister’s arms. “He did rape you, didn’t he?”

“…No no…” Christine started to shake. “I… I lied about it…”

“No.” Her sister’s voice was firm. “No, you didn’t.”

Christine’s vision began to blur with tears. “I was just looking for attention… like everybody said… just making up stories…”

Rebecca squeezed her tighter. “It’s okay, Chrissy. It’s okay. I believe you. I believe he raped you. You weren’t lying about it.”

Christine tried to struggle out of the hug, but Rebecca was stronger than she was. “No… I’m just a stupid whore… just a lying worthless bitch…”

“I believe you,” Rebecca said softly. “You weren’t lying.”

“No… no you don’t… nobody believes me…”

“I do, Chrissy. I believe you.”

The dam inside her broke. “I… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… I tried not to let him… but I… I wasn’t good enough… it was my fault… I’m sorry…” Christine kept trying to apologize, but the words dissolved into sobs.

Rebecca shushed her gently. “It’s okay, Chrissy. It’s all going to be okay. I’ll make sure of it.”

Christine started. “No! Becky, you have to stay away from him! I mean it! He has… he… I can’t go against him, okay? He says he’ll ruin my whole life if I don’t do what he says, and he can do it!”

“Alright,” said Rebecca. “I’ll stay away from him. I promise.”


Chapter Sixteen

“Hey Jordan!” Rebecca called. “You got a minute?”

“Uh, sure, I guess,” Jordan replied, stopping to let her catch up to him. It was early morning, and he’d been on his way to school. Christine’s sister was wearing jogging clothes, tight sweatpants and a tighter shirt that didn’t cover her midriff. Her fat boobs strained against the shirt, jiggling deliciously with every step she took, and Jordan could only hope his erection wasn’t visible.

It was all Christine’s fault, leaving him with blue balls last night. Masturbating seemed like a wasted opportunity nowadays, so he’d decided to just hold on until lunch. Maybe he’d order her to fake a stomach illness or something first period, go to the nurse’s office. They might have enough privacy in there to fuck…

He refocused his attention on Rebecca as she drew close, remembering belatedly to look up at her face instead of her tits. If she’d noticed where he’d been staring, she gave no sign, smiling and holding out her hand to shake. “Wanted to thank you for saving my sis the other day.”

“Uh, no problem,” he said, taking her hand. It was soft and warm, but she had a real grip on her. Even as he held back a wince over his crushed hand, she pulled hard, drawing him closer to her. At the same time, her knee came up, and made crunching contact with his groin.

Jordan whimpered in pain, and when she let go of his hand he fell to his side on the ground, clutching his aching crotch. “I’m not going to say ‘that was for what you did to Christine’,” Rebecca said, towering over him. “Because for that, you deserve your goddamn skull kicked in. So just consider that a polite notice of how I feel about you instead.”

Jordan reached out to freeze time, but the pain made his concentration waver, and his power slipped out of his grasp like sand through his fingers. Rebecca put a foot on his crotch, applying just enough pressure to keep him pinned to the ground. “Christine told me to stay away from you, said you’d ruin her life if she doesn’t play along with your bullshit. I’m here to make a counter offer. You mess with her anymore, you so much as look at her in the hallway, and I will end you. All the blackmail material in the world won’t stop you from spending the rest of your life eating meals through a straw and pissing with a catheter. We clear?”

He groaned. “You… stay out of my business, you, you fucking bitch!”

Her foot pressed down hard, and Jordan squealed in agony. “Say ‘I’m sorry I was so rude, Miss Summers. I will leave your darling sister alone from now on.’”

When he hesitated, the pressure increased, and Jordan saw stars. “I… I’m sorry!” he blubbered, tears streaming down his face. “I’m s-sorry I was so rude, Miss Summers! I will… I will leave your darling sister alone from now on!”

To his profound relief, her foot eased up. “Don’t ever forget this moment, you worthless sack of shit rapist,” she said. “If you ever see me again, it will be to give you some real reasons to cry.” She spat, and Jordan felt the warm spittle strike his face.

She was long gone by the time Jordan had recovered enough to think rationally. He called his power again, and this time it worked. He stayed there, in that silent world, basking in the solitude and safety it offered.

He… he was going to get her, he swore. But how? He had the impression that the kind of humiliation tactics he’d used effectively on Christine wouldn’t go nearly as well with her sister. Even if he found an opportunity to tie her up and rape her, it wouldn’t end there. He couldn’t be on guard all the time, and he could imagine all too easily waking up in the middle of the night to her foot on his throat.

Shit, she wouldn’t even have to be that sneaky about it. If she came for him at school or anywhere else public, he wouldn’t be able to use his powers secretly. Word getting out about what he could do would be the real game over.

He had to get even with her for this, but he couldn’t let her know he was getting even. How the hell was he supposed to manage that? How? He thought about it and thought about it, while time lay still around him. And slowly, despite the continuing sharp ache in his groin, he started to smile.


Chapter Seventeen

Christine was surprised when Jordan didn’t ask for her at lunch. She waited in the supply closet anyway, in case it was some kind of loyalty test, but he made no appearance. After a good twenty minutes of anxious hiding, she sheepishly snuck out and spent the rest of her lunch break in the cafeteria like a real person.

She had a hunch that Rebecca was somehow responsible for this. She’d tried to warn her sister, to express the danger as clearly as possible without explicitly giving away what he could do or what he had on her, but she’d known deep down that it might not work. Becky had never been the kind of person who could see someone suffering and not lend a hand. It was one of the reasons she was so awesome.

She was grateful, but it worried her. Becky didn’t understand what she was up against. How could she? Sometimes Christine still had trouble believing it herself. If Rebecca knew what Jordan could do…

Christine thought about it. Should she tell Becky everything? If anyone in the world was going to believe her, it would be her sister. It was a long shot, but if she did believe, if Christine could finally talk to someone about all she’d gone through… maybe together they’d be able to think of a way out.

“Becky?” she said that night, after dinner. “Can I… can I talk you for a minute?”

Rebecca yawned. “What’s up, splort?”

“It’s, um, this is going to sound crazy, but I want you to listen to the whole thing, okay?”

“Sure, sure…” Rebecca yawned again, and shifted a little on the futon. “Hey, maybe it could wait until tomorrow? I’m… I’m really…” her voice trailed off. A moment later, she started to snore softly.

Christine draped a blanket over her sleeping sister, watching her peaceful expression for a while. When she turned around to find Jordan standing right in front of her, she nearly screamed. “Jordan?! Wha-what are you doing here?”

“Taking care of the colossal pain in my ass you call a sister,” he said.

“T-taking care?”

Jordan help up a small baggy filled with white and green pills. “While you were all having dinner, I slipped enough roofies in her drink to guarantee she’ll be out of it for a loooong time.”

Christine’s heart sank, but she’d known he’d find some way around her sister’s protection eventually. There was nothing to do but play along, so she fell back into her practiced wide, airheaded smile. “…Oh, so, so we could have time along together. That’s wonderful, master! I’m so glad I’ll get to serve you tonight! My pussy has been hungry lately, waiting for your creamy juice to satisfy it.”

Her master shook his head. “No, I’m not interested in a temporary solution. I’m not gonna pussyfoot around her every night. She’s going bye bye.”

Christine’s eyes widened. “You’re going to k… kill her??”

“What, and have to explain a body? He lightly cuffed one of her breasts. “You’re smarter than that, slave. No, Rebecca’s just going to take a sabbatical. Permanently.” He dug out his phone. “Ever since you became my sex slave, I started doing some digging around the internet, curious to see if I could find other people with our kind of relationship. It wasn’t easy to find people like that, or to gain their trust, but showing them your videos went a long way towards proving myself.”

“You… you showed other people…”

“Shut up and listen,” he said bluntly. “I blurred out your face, and didn’t give them a name. The point is, there are more people out there than you’d think with their own personal fucktoys, and a lot of them are eager to expand their collection.”

He showed Christine a picture of an obese middle aged man with balding hair. “This one here lives just a couple hundred miles away, and has his own sex dungeon built in his basement, where he keeps his two pets indefinitely. He’s very interested in acquiring a third, and willing to pay top dollar.

“So here’s what happens next. I give him a call, and he shows up in a few hours with a tow truck. Rebecca, her car, and all her belongings vanish into the night. When she wakes up tomorrow morning, she’ll begin her fabulous new life as ‘fuckpet three’.

“When people ask what happened, all you know is that she said she had somewhere to go and got in her car. If you really want, you can try to tell them the truth, but I’ve got a feeling ‘my hero boyfriend sold her’ isn’t going to go over well with anyone.

He started dialing. “If you’ve got goodbyes to say, make ’em quick. You’ve got some blue balls to manage once I get off the phone.”

Christine threw herself at his feet, crying. “No master! Please! Don’t do it! I’ll do anything, I swear to God!”

“Don’t ever tell me what to do, slave!” he growled, and tried to kick her away, but she held on for dear life.

“Please, master! Please! You can do whatever you want with me, just don’t hurt my sister!”

“Then what else should I do, slave? She isn’t willing to listen to reason. What else could I do?”

A terrible idea struck Christine. Just the thought made her heart ache, as if she’d already betrayed her sister. It was awful. It was the last thing she wanted to see happen to Becky. But… it was better than the alternative.

“You… you could fuck her,” Christine said slowly. “Right now, while’s she drugged. She wouldn’t be able to stop you.”

She saw Jordan’s eyes sparkle as he stopped dialing, and understood immediately. This was what he’d really been after all along. But if he’d come in here openly talking about raping her sister, she would have resisted, tried to talk him out of it. By leading with the threat of abduction, he was forcing her to offer up Becky herself, twisting it into a favor he was doing for her.

It was a trap, and she’d walked right into it, but that didn’t mean she had any other options. She had to do what was best for Becky, even if the best was something horrible.

“If I do you this favor,” Jordan said, sounding like he was savoring the moment, “I’d need you to do more than watch. I mean, I’d much rather be fucking my cute and eager pet than someone who’s just going to lay there and take it. You’d have to make it really good for me.”

“I… I can do that master.”

Jordan grinned. “Alright then, slave, let’s give it a try. Help me get her clothes off.” Together, they stripped Rebecca down, until she lay naked on the futon, face up. As they took her shirt off, she moaned and opened her eyes, nearly giving Christine a heart attack. Her sister looked through her with half lidded eyes, seeming completely unconcerned with what was going on.

“Sh-she’s awake, master!” squeaked Christine.

“Relax pet. She’s not asleep, but you can’t really call that awake either.” Jordan snapped his fingers a few times in front of Rebecca’s face. Her head turned slightly, far too slow to keep up, then returned to staring at the same point in the wall. Some drool ran out of her mouth. “She won’t remember anything that happened to her while under the influence.”

They finished undressing her. Christine had never seen her sister in the nude before, and she blushed at the sight. Becky had the lean body of an athlete, her limbs tanned and sinewy, her stomach flat with visible abs. The only part of her body that looked soft was her breasts, large and floppy with big nipples.

Jordan pushed her legs up and apart, looking down at the shaved mound between them. “Mmm, she already keeps herself neat. How kind of her. Slave, do you think your sister is very wet right now?”

“No, master.”

“Then it’s probably going to hurt her a lot when I shove my dick in here, isn’t it?”

“Y-you’re not going to wear a condom?”

“Nah, I wanna enjoy her bareback. Now answer the question: do you think shoving my prick in her dry pussy will be painful for her, when she gets up in the morning?”

“Yes master. Your slave would be delighted to lubricate you with her mouth. She’s missed your delicious taste and smell today.”

“Tough shit. You’ll get your turn some other time. The question is, are you going to lick her pussy to get her wet for me?”

Christine blanched. Despite being uncomfortable around boys, she’d never felt any kind of lesbian leanings. And… and with her own sister

Jordan laughed at her expression. “Looks like a no then. Fine by me. If Rebecca wonders why it’s so hard to walk tomorrow, just tell her that it was a small price to pay for your dignity. I mean, a dog fucking, piss drinking sex slave still has to have some standards of decency, right?”

Christine flushed, shamed not only by her words, but by her own selfishness. Jordan was right. Becky was in this mess because of her, and she owed it to her sister to do everything in her power to help her, even if it was gross and filthy.

On Jordan’s request, she stripped out of her own clothes and put on her collar and nipple clamps, then approached Rebecca timidly. He made her straddle her sister so that Christine’s bare pussy sat on her face.

“Lick her until she cums, slave,” said Jordan. “I want that pussy juice flowing when I’m in there.”

Christine reluctantly brought her head down to her sister’s crotch. Reminding herself that she’d done far worse things with her mouth, she began licking Becky’s pussy. She’d tasted her own pussy on Jordan’s dick before, but this had a slightly different taste and smell.

Rebecca showed no outward reaction at first, but when Christine dared to penetrate her sister’s slit with the tip of her tongue, she found the inner flesh damp. As she licked a little deeper, scooping up the wetness with her tongue, she felt Rebecca stir beneath her, and something warm and wet slid over Christine’s own pussy.

She yelped in surprise, pulling her head back. Becky moaned lazily and kept licking, the sensation strange and uncomfortable. Jordan looked at the pair of them, confused, and then realized what was happening and grinned. “Looks like big sis plays for the other team, slave! I bet she’s a popular one too; even drugged up, she’s nice enough to share the pleasure.”

Christine put her head down and got back to work, trying to ignore the sensations in her own crotch. It didn’t feel good. It couldn’t feel good. She was straight, and this was her si… she moaned, unable to help herself.

She realized with growing horror that she was going to cum before her sister did. Even though Becky’s movements were weak and slow, she seemed to know just what to do to send thrills of pleasure down Christine’s spine. Desperate not to let that happen, Christine redoubled her efforts, licking and sucking on Becky’s pussy with everything she had.

She won out just barely, feeling Becky shudder beneath her, a long satisfied moan escaping the half conscious woman’s lips. But even as Christine started to relax, her own system finally crashed, overwhelmed by pleasure. The two sisters quivered and shook together in the throes of orgasm.

Becky immediately started trying to lick Christine again once the orgasm had passed, but Christine scooted away, kneeling before Jordan. “Sh-she’s ready for you, master, just as you wanted.”

“Mmm hmm, and what a show that was.” Jordan pushed Becky’s legs up again, and without preamble shoved himself in deep. He closed his eyes and breathed out slowly. “Oh God, that feels good. There’s nothing wrong with your cunt either, slave, but it sure is nice to get some variety.”

Holding on to her legs, he began fucking her in quick, short strokes. “There’s only one thing missing, slave. You know what that is?”

“No, master.”

“I always love hearing your sweet encouragements while I fuck you. Since Rebecca can’t talk, you’ll have to take over for her there.”

“Of course, master! Oh, you feel so good in my pussy! I-”

“No no no, not like that, idiot,” he snapped. “Encourage me to fuck her, not you!”

“Oh, um… f-fuck Becky’s pussy good, master! Ride her like the s-slut she is!”

“That’s it, that’s it! Keep going!”

Christine licked her lips. Saying humiliating things like that about herself was one thing. Cheering him on while he raped her sister felt so much worse. “R-rip that tight cunt apart! Tear it wide open and top it up with cum, just like you love to do with me, master!”

It didn’t take long for Jordan to finish. He slammed his hips against Rebecca’s one last time, and she twitched as his sperm shot into her.  Still inside her, he addressed Christine. “Honest answer time: you want a niece or nephew?”

“..No, master, please.”

He pulled out then, leaving a trail of semen running out of Rebecca’s slit and dripping down to the bed. “Then get sucking. Let me know when you think her cunt is sperm free.”

The thought made Christine queasy, but she was in no position to argue. She settled into the same position as before, and started noisily sucking her sister out. Amidst the unfamiliar taste of Becky’s pussy, his sperm was immediately recognizable. The realization that Jordan’s cum was now a familiar taste made her feel like trash.

Becky began licking her out again, but Christine finished her job quickly, and retreated before her sister could succeed in making her cum a second time. “Not bad,” Jordan said, swirling a finger in Rebecca’s pussy, then pulling it out and examining it. “My slave didn’t want to waste a single drop on her sister, did she?”

“No master, I… I wanted the yummy treat all to myself.”

“Good girl. Now rim out Rebecca’s asshole so I can fuck it.”

“…Yes, master.”

Jordan flipped Rebecca onto her back, and Christine knelt between her open legs to work. Her sister wasn’t especially dirty down there, but she could still taste traces of shit as she worked her tongue into Becky’s hole.

“Do you like the taste of your sister’s asshole, slave?”

“Yeth mathter,” Christine answered automatically, tongue still buried.  She already knew what his response would be.

“Then I’ll make sure you get the chance to suck my cum out of there too, after I’m done.”

“Thank you mathter.”

Jordan let her continue rimming Becky’s ass for a few more minutes. “That should be good enough. Now convince me to buttfuck your sister.”

Christine crawled to one corner of the room. “Oh master, she seemed very tight back there! I think you’ll-”

“Stop, stop, stop. What are you doing over there?”

Christine paused, confused. “Wh-where would you like me to be, master?”

“Come on, slave, you just helped stop your sister from getting pregnant, and made it so she won’t bleed too much when I ass fuck her in a minute. Don’t you think she owes you one?”

“Owes me… one… I, she doesn’t owe me anything, master! It’s all my fault that she’s–”

“Just shut up and get on the bed. I want her licking you out while I fuck her.”

Christine complied, sitting with her legs spread and Becky’s head in her lap. She gently pressed Becky’s face against her crotch, and her sister responded immediately, tongue lapping away. Christine gasped and tried not to enjoy it too much.

“Don’t get too distracted,” said Jordan, smiling. “I still need you as my cheerleader.”

“R-right, sorry master.” She closed her eyes. “Master is going to love my sister’s tight asshole. His slave got it all wet and ready for him, so he’d should be able to dive right in.”

“Do you remember when I took your anal virginity, slave?”

“Of course, master!” As if she could ever hope to forget. “It’s one of my most cherished memories.”

“That’s a good point,” he said, looking pleased. “Since your sister won’t be awake to remember it, we’ll have to make a record for her.” He picked Christine’s phone off of her desk and handed it to her. “Make sure you get a good angle on my cock reaming her out.”

“Y-yes, master…” Christine watched, holding her phone in one hand, trying to ignore her sister’s tongue, while Jordan braced his cock against Rebecca’s ass.

“Beg me for it.”

“Please… please rape my sister’s ass. Please buttfuck her hard, just the way your slave likes it. She’ll… she’ll be your anal slut too in no time.”

Jordan pushed, and he sank easily into Rebecca’s asshole. Christine’s sister groaned, but her tongue kept moving, teasing Christine’s slit impossibly well. “I want to see you cum again,” he said, fucking her at a relaxed pace. “I want her face plastered with your pussy juice while I’m spraying her guts.”

“Yes, master,” Christine said, trying not to be sick. She humped Rebecca’s face slowly, not really sure what she should be doing. Rebecca seemed more than capable of getting the job done, though, and to her shame, Christine had not only finished by the time Jordan started pumping his cum into her sister’s ass, she’d finished twice.

He pulled out, and Christine bent over to take him into her mouth, her swirling tongue scooping the filth off of him. “Don’t forget to clean out her butt when you’re done with me,” Jordan told her. “I think I’d like to go back to her cunt next, but I definitely want to leave another load in that ass before I call it a night. And then, we’re gonna go get Bailey, and find out what he thinks of your sister’s holes.”

“Yeth, mathter,” Christine said around his cock, trying not to cry. It wasn’t her own participation in these disgusting acts that bothered her; she’d accepted a long time ago that she was a filthy toilet who deserved everything she got. But what was happening to Rebecca was entirely her fault. Her sister, her strong perfect sister, was being raped because of her. She wished she was dead, but even if she did something, he’d probably just take it out on Rebecca after she was gone.

Her tears dripped onto her sister’s naked body. At Jordan’s instruction, she licked them off.

5 thoughts on “Time Waits (Part 7)

  1. Lovely new wicked twists of he tale as a little bit of incest and seeing her favourite sister sodomized is thrown in. It keeps getting better, so I do hope the tale is going on much longer as well.


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