I’m a weirdo who likes to write stories.  Some people are weirdos who like to read them.  If you’ve found this blog and haven’t run away screaming yet, you’re probably one of them.  Hi!

This blog is one of the places I publish my stories, along with general status updates and whatever else I feel like rambling about.  New stories will typically be put up every Thursday night / Friday morning. Okay, that statement became a cruel lie in the last couple years, didn’t it?  New stories appear irregularly based on whenever they’re finished.

Content wise, I tend to write exclusively M/F and F/F non consensual fiction, featuring themes of bondage, humiliation, violence, and degradation, with the latter commonly represented by elements such as scat, watersports, forced enthusiasm, and… singing?

I often find myself writing “justice porn” stories, wherein the victim is either a horrible person getting their comeuppance*, or a good hearted person who eventually triumphs over their abusers. That said, predictability is boring, so I’ve also written plenty of stories that go against the grain.

Many of my stories take place within a shared universe, denoted by the Continuity tag.  Every story (at least so far) still works as a stand-alone, but may feature characters from other stories.

* Disclaimer: these are fantasies only. No one deserves to be assaulted in real life, regardless of their behavior or actions.


One thought on “About

  1. We found one of your stories on the BDSM library website SIr my husband thought it would make good reading. and then he saw you blog site and made me download you pother stories for him.

    I will let you knkow what he thinks of them when he finishes them.


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