The Home Stretch

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Time Waits will be officially ending in three more updates (part 19).  I am understandably very excited about getting this 140k word behemoth done.  Please think of these last four updates like the final season of a TV show.  We’re going to tie up some loose ends, finish up character arcs, and then leave Jordan and Christine to live happily ever after… well, one of them, anyway 😛

Self-Inflicted Wounds (Part 1)

I’ve been working on a special project lately, and haven’t been able to give Time Waits the attention it deserves.  So rather than rush the next chapter, I’m going to put Time Waits on a break for a bit so that Christine can get a proper wedding 🙂  For now, here’s the beginning of a story that I promise is a far shorter one 😉


Diane gets summoned by her boss.

Story Codes: M+/F, Rape, Humiliation, BDSM

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