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Hi All!

It’s the resident slut again. So while we’re all waiting for another part of Family Ties (wink wink nudge nudge, not putting pressure on you, Master, this slut wouldn’t dare), I’m here with another story. More of a consolation prize for the wait, but well. Hope you enjoy it nevertheless!

Ps. by now I think you might have a clear picture of some of my kinks and fantasies 😉

Story codes: M+/F, torture, slavery

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Breaking Point (Part 1)

We’re doing something a little bit different today.   Out of everything I’ve written, “Separated”  is the story people have most wanted some kind of follow up to.   So a few months ago, NoLongerInnocent and I began doing a bit of RP about a particular day in the life of Ingrid and her master.  We finally finished it up this week, and I thought you’d enjoy reading it too.  Word of warning: this is one of the filthiest stories I’ve done, and not intended for folks with weak stomachs.  Consider yourselves warned 🙂

Story Codes: M/F, Rape, Violence, Humiliation, Slavery, Scat, Vomit, Watersports

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Darkness in Silence

Since Master Darinost allowed me to post some of my stories, I’m going to use his good will. This is the first story I’ve ever written and it still holds an important place in my heart. Fun fact – while the story outgrew the original idea – it began as trying to capture how the “Fuckbox” mentioned in Master Darinost’s “Frank’s New Pet” felt. Since I wasn’t able to do that, I decided to change it a bit.

Usual disclaimer apply: This is fantasy, rape is bad, don’t rape people or at least don’t rape other people, rape me.

Story Codes: Slavery, M+/F, oral, anal, vaginal,

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Erm… hello?

So… hello, I’m NoLongerInnocent and as you might have seen in the comments, I – I’m sorry, Master – this slut has been following this blog for a long time. This slave absolutely loves it, love Mr. Darinost’s writing – I’m sorry! – Master Darinost’s writing. Master was kind enough to offer this slut to become this blog’s semi-official rapeslut and the dumb, worthless cunt couldn’t say no to such an offer. I mean, literally couldn’t among all the screaming and begging for mercy.

Between tormenting the slut, Master said he would allow the slut to post some of her own writing here. It is clearly inferior to anything Master wrote, but since it is *heavily* influenced by it, you may find something that you enjoy. And if not… well, that is just one more reason for Master to punish this slut.

Therefore, I’m asking… BEGGING you… please comment on my pieces.




Was that good, Master?