The Home Stretch

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Time Waits will be officially ending in three more updates (part 19).  I am understandably very excited about getting this 140k word behemoth done.  Please think of these last four updates like the final season of a TV show.  We’re going to tie up some loose ends, finish up character arcs, and then leave Jordan and Christine to live happily ever after… well, one of them, anyway 😛

Writing Update 10/26/2018

Got some good writing done these last couple weeks.  Not as much as I’d hoped, but that’s the usual way of things.

Most of my progress was on one of the Jim and Jake stories coming up.  I found a theme for it that I’m really enjoying, and there’s even a spot for a song!  I don’t know how the average reader feels about the occasional dirty songs I throw into my stories, but I love writing them, so you’ll just have to keep enduring them. :p

After that, I put some work into the fantasy story.  The smutty parts are mostly done, but I still have some crunchy story stuff to work through, including at least one action scene.  I figured out exactly how it ends though, which is a good… start?  If I don’t find myself drawn to something else, there’s a good chance it will be published next after “A Long Vacation”.

A couple other stories I worked on recently:

”Serendipity” – A fairly straightforward story and occasionally gruesome story about a man who breaks into a house to rape a woman, and ends up getting her twin daughters as a bonus.  It’s a little more psychologically oriented than most of my works, with a heavy focus on the family relationships and how they get twisted and destroyed by a sadist.

Untitled – Another incest story, this time between a brother and sister.  The sister is a bit of a bully, and ends up pushing her brother too far one night.  Some good BDSM and long term slavery aspects in this one.  In direct contrast to Serendipity, this one is a little softer than usual, but still full of rape, humiliation, and torture.


Writing Update

It’s been a while since I did one of these.   I’m going to take a step back today and talk about some of the writing projects I’ve been working on lately.  I’d like this to become a regular feature of the blog, though I don’t know if I make enough progress from week to week to justify this as a weekly affair.  Maybe monthly?

So the last part of “Dominance Behavior” was posted just last week.  It doesn’t take place in the same overall continuity as most of my other stories, but we will see Felix and Felicia again elsewhere.  I’ve got a couple ideas in mind for stories about them, but for obvious reasons I had to tell this one first.  One of those stories I expect to be one of my largest to date, very possibly beating even Kayla Club by a wide margin.  Of course, the downside there is that it won’t be ready for publishing any time soon.

What will be ready for publishing soon is a new story called “Paying the Price”.  It’s about a young woman down on her luck, until she runs into an old friend who has come into money and is willing to pay top dollar if she’ll fulfill some fantasies for him.  It’s not nearly as extreme as my average content, but it’s got a fun storyline that I hope everyone will enjoy following.   The first part of that should go up tomorrow!

Once that’s done, I’m expecting to start publishing “A Long Vacation”.  This one dips a little into fantasy/scifi with a mind control plotline.  Those normally aren’t to my taste, but I like the way this one unfolds, with the mind control being used more as a tool to break poor Theresa down physically and mentally, instead of being the be-all and end-all.  The draft is mostly written, with just a few gaps here and there to be filled out.

The publishing schedule gets a lot more hazy after that, so let’s just run down some of my current projects.   I have a lot of stories in the queue, so I’m not even going to try to go over all of them.  We’ll do a few this time, and I’ll touch on a few more next time I do this.

“Gone Camping” – This is the Build-a-Story that people should be fairly familiar with.  I haven’t worked on it much lately, but it’s never very far from my mind.  People voted heavily for Disgust, Pain, and Humiliation as factors, and especially for Cruel, so I really want to dig in and make our two leading ladies suffer.

“Untitled Fantasy Story” – I started this one quite a while ago, and it’s probably the cruelest story I’ll ever write.  It’s my take on the “adventurers get in over their heads” kind of story that pops up commonly, often as fanfiction about a JRPG or anime series.  In this one, I’m taking advantage of the heavy fantasy trappings to explore possibilities that would be impossible to do in a more realistic environment.  All four members of this adventuring party will end up meeting grisly “worse than death” fates.  For example, without going into any specifics, one of them is going to spend the rest of her life being brutally raped almost literally to death pretty much 24/7; out of the four of them, her fate is arguably the kindest.

“Movie Stars” – This is a very fun tale about two famous sister actresses (NOT based on anyone in real life, sorry) that get kidnapped and persuaded to start a new career as porn stars, and was directly inspired by some of the voting done in the Build-a-Story.   This could end up being another massive story, since it’s already at 12k words and I feel like I’ve barely begun.

“Jim and Jake” – I started writing a new Jim and Jake story recently… and it somehow morphed into three stories.  Still not sure how that happened, but it means you’ll definitely be seeing that pair again in the future.  The different style I use for them makes them interesting to write about, but also more difficult than the average story.  Between the lack of dialogue and the third person narration style that’s a bit more “zoomed out” than usual, a scene that would have gone on for multiple pages with anyone else often finds itself fitting into a single paragraph for them.  That might sound like it should be easier to write, not harder, but here’s the thing: if I’m going to condense an entire sex scene into a single paragraph, it needs to be a really good paragraph.  The boys are good practice at economic writing and making every last word choice count.


That’s all for now, I think.  Thank you all for reading, and I hope everyone enjoys what’s coming up!

And as long as I’m at it…

A quick update on our Build-a-Story.  I don’t want to give out too many details, but it’s about a lesbian couple that go on a camping trip and end up getting… well, this may be a huge shock to everyone, but they’re gonna be taking a LOT of dick before it’s all over. ;p

Been working on it today during my day off, and just crested 4k words while still in the middle of the first sex scene.   I doubt it will end up toppling the reigning champion that is The Kayla Club at 41k words, but it’s still looking like it’ll be a monster of a story.  And don’t worry: since every vote was for ending the story fittingly, sadly, or viciously, I will guarantee to you right now that things will not end well for these two poor ladies.  You monsters. :p

I’m not back, but…

That doesn’t mean I’m here empty handed. 🙂

Late last year, I found myself with a little more time to write, and managed to pop out a short story for the first time in a long time.  I didn’t want to be all “I’m back, but only with this one very short story that I’m not actually that enamored with, and now I’m gone again, byeeeee”, so I kept it on the DL.

Since then, I’ve done a couple more short stories, and I’ve got a few larger ones that could maybe start to look complete if I can sink a few hours into them.  So I figured this was a good time to make a post.

I’m not back.  I’m still not in a position where I can make regular updates, and I don’t know if/when that will ever be the case.  But I do have a few stories to share.

Extended Intermission

So… March has come and gone.  Yeah.

There’s no point in beating around the bush.  Due to some personal reasons, I no longer have the free time to write like I used to.  Back in February, I was optimistic that the situation would be resolved in a matter of weeks, but it’s become clear that that’s not the case.  I still have a lot of stories on the back burner, and I’d very much like to finish them, but it’s looking like it will be a matter of months or years before I can get back to them.

I wish I had happier news for you, but it is what it is.