This Day

What is it? Two stories from me in such short time? Well, even ten of them wouldn’t make up for a part of Time Waits, but I hope you enjoy this one as well. It’s… a bit different.

TAGS: weird, slavery, non-con, M/F, rape, torture, psychological torture,

And again: YES for kittens, NO for real rape.

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Fucking, Raping, Hurting


Since Darinost is busy, I’m dropping in with a new story of my own. First of all, big thank you to both Darinost and John Drake for contributing to this story by adding two scenes 🙂

So, without futher ado…

(Usual disclaimers apply, please don’t rape people. Pet kittens instead)

TAGS: oral, anal, vaginal, serious, M+/F, scat, watersports, bestiality, torture, slavery, anything else my twisted mind conjures,

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