Time Waits (Part 3)

Jordan and Christine meet for lunch.

Story Codes: M/F, Rape, Humiliation, Fantasy


Chapter Six

The next day passed uneventfully for Christine. She was quiet as she listened to her friends chatter around her, finding it difficult to have any investment in their discussions. It was all boys and fashion and fluff, and while a day ago she would’ve happily joined in, now it all just seemed so pointless. It didn’t take long for her friends to notice her silence, but she deflected their questions, blaming her behavior on a lack of sleep.

It wasn’t a lie, even if it was far from the whole truth. It had taken her a very long time to get to sleep last night. Even when she had, there had been terrible, vicious nightmares, her mind replaying what had happened to her over and over. When morning came, she’d felt more exhausted than when she’d gone to bed.

She couldn’t work up the energy to eat at lunch time, or at dinner. Her excuse to her parents was an upset stomach. She went upstairs at the first opportunity and locked herself in her room. Christine couldn’t stand to sit at her desk anymore, so she did her homework on her bed, using one of her textbooks to write on. When she’d finished, it was still over an hour before her usual bedtime, but she just laid down, not even bothering to undress, and waited for sleep.

The next day started out much the same. The nightmares hadn’t stopped, and she woke up covered in fear sweat. She still wasn’t hungry, but she forced herself to take a blueberry muffin for breakfast, not wanting her parents to start getting suspicious. It tasted like nothing.

Her first period was Calculus. It was a good class, because the teacher never asked anyone questions, just wrote formulas on the board and went through sample problems. Christine could just copy down what the teacher wrote and said without having to actually think about any of it.

About five minutes into class, scrawled writing suddenly appeared at the top of her notepad. It read “Your virgin cunt felt fantastic 😀 😀 :D” Christine immediately yelped and bolted out of her seat, panting with adrenaline and terror.

“Is… something wrong, Miss Summers?” the teacher asked, bemused. Students around her were giggling, and she could see some of them whispering to each other.

“N-no”, she managed, sitting back down. “I just… I… I thought I saw a spider. I’m sorry.” There were more giggles.

“Well, if you do see one, you just let the spiders be spiders and pay attention to class, okay?” His tone was chiding, but gentle. He knew that she was one of his best students, and not prone to causing problems.

“Y-yes sir.”

She stared at the alien text. Had she done it herself, in some kind of fugue state? No, the handwriting was completely different. And besides, her pen was blue, and this writing was in black.

Christine forced herself to remain calm and steady her breathing. That’s why when more writing appeared, she gave only the slightest flinch, unnoticed by everyone around her. The new text stated “How many cocks have you sucked?”

It wasn’t over. She felt blood pounding in her ears as the terrible implications started to reach her. That night had been painful and horrifying and disgusting, but as long as it had been just one night, she could move past it. She could recover, even if she was in a funk about it right now. Now the horror was no longer past tense. She was still in the middle of it, even if she was no longer physically stripped and bound.

More writing. “Come on, how many dicks have you kissed with those pretty lips?”

Hand trembling, she wrote “please don’t do this” and waited.

The response didn’t take long. “Answer the question!”

“please please just leave me alone i won’t tell anyone about this i promise please”

When the next words came, they were accompanied by a strange loosening sensation in her pants. Christine looked down at her crotch, and felt nauseous as she saw her jeans were now unbuttoned. “Would you rather answer my question,” the new note said, “or find yourself buck naked in the middle of class? How many cocks?”

He wouldn’t really do that, would he? Whoever he was, he seemed to want to keep this unnoticed as much as she did. If her clothes suddenly vanished, there would be all sorts of questions asked. But Christine couldn’t risk calling his bluff. She was the one with everything to lose here. “none” she wrote back.

“Not for long :p”

She stared at his response, fighting the urge to throw up. Wasn’t there some way out of this? Wasn’t there someone she could ask for help?! The next message appeared: “At lunch time, go immediately into the girl’s bathroom on the third floor, first stall. Sit down on the seat and put your hands behind your back. Your lunch today will be all the sperm you can suck out of me in an hour :D”

A new message appeared almost immediately. “If I don’t find you there, you’ll be sorry.” Christine waited, but no further writing appeared.

The next few hours passed in a blur. She ignored her classes completely, hearing nothing her teachers said and making no notes, her mind fixated on what was going to happen at lunch. He couldn’t physically force her to obey, not here. If she stayed in public spaces all day, he couldn’t get to her.

But that would only work for so long. Even if he didn’t humiliate her like he’d threatened, even if he couldn’t find a time when she was alone to assault her, she would have go to home eventually, and she already knew too well that home was no place of safety.

Christine knew that surrender wasn’t a good plan. If he could easily get what he wanted from her, he’d have no reason to stop. He’d keep coming back for more and more, until he got tired of her, and God knew how long that might take.

But what else could she do? If she fought, if she openly tried to resist, he’d just find a way to take what he wanted anyway, and maybe ruin her life for kicks while he was at it. The only thing she could do for now was obey, and hope that he would get careless and some kind of opportunity would arise.

And so when lunch time arrived, she found herself walking up the stairs to the third floor. Unlike the rest of the school, it had almost no foot traffic during the day, most of the space devoted to storage and after school clubs. Christine had used the bathroom up there a few times, usually when she’d wanted to move her bowels without anyone hearing her, and had never seen another person in there at the same time.

She prayed that this time would be different. He’d chosen this location, which meant that he wanted to avoid attention too. If there were people up there, he probably wouldn’t risk trying anything.

The bathroom was empty. Christine stood silently in the doorway for a second, then entered the first stall. She sat on the seat, wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans, then put her hands behind her back and waited.

It didn’t take long, maybe three minutes. Reality stuttered, and the world went dark again. It didn’t feel like a makeshift t-shirt this time, more like one of those eye covers some people wore to bed, and it had been taped to her face. He definitely didn’t want her seeing him. Something cold was around her wrists. Handcuffs?

She shifted her legs and heard metal rattle. There was cuffs on her ankles too, and the chain seemed to go behind the toilet. She was trapped.

Warm flesh touched the side of her face, and she shuddered. The penis stroked her cheek, then rubbed against her closed lips. “Lick” came the command.

It was the first thing she’d ever heard him say. His voice was low and growly, not like the way anyone talked in real life, more like somebody doing a bad impression. He must be worried that she might recognize his voice. Christine had suspected he was someone from school after the notes in Calculus, but this confirmed it. It was a small clue, but it was a start.

Reality rippled, and she felt cool air on her upper body and his hands on her now exposed breasts. His fingers pinched her nipples roughly. “Lick,” he said again, in that same voice, his tone more urgent.

Christine obeyed, opening her mouth just enough to slip her tongue out. She extended it timidly towards where the unseen penis might be. The tip of her tongue made contact, and the taste of sweaty, dirty skin struck her. She grimaced and instinctively pulled away.

The boy must not have appreciated her reaction, because he twisted one of her nipples hard enough to make yelp in pain before she could stop herself. “I’m sorry,” she whispered quickly. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t ready for it…” He took his hand away, and she meekly lapped at him again. The taste was still awful, easily the worst thing she’d ever had, but she didn’t let that stop her from continuing to slowly lick his shaft.

Since she couldn’t see him, she simply licked the same space over and over again, and he moved himself to adjust. One second her tongue would be traveling up and down his thick shaft, the next it would be flat against his head. At one point he shifted, the texture of his flesh becoming softer and lumpier, and she almost gagged as she realized she must be licking his balls.

Only a few minutes passed before a new command arrived. “Open wide.”

“Please don’t make me do that,” she breathed. She already knew the plea wouldn’t work, but she had to try. “I-I don’t mind licking you. I can do that as much as you want.” She licked him again, trying to prove her sincerity.

He twisted her nipples again, both of them this time. “Mouth or pussy,” he growled. “You have five seconds to decide.”

Would he really rape her if she refused? Could he? Whatever weird ability he had, it seemed to have limits, or he wouldn’t have had to order her to come here, wouldn’t have told her to put her hands behind her back beforehand. But she had no time to weigh her options, and couldn’t take the chance. Steeling herself, she opened her mouth.

Immediately the pain of her nipples vanished, and at the same time she felt his spongy head slide between her lips. He pushed into her until he filled her entire mouth, his saliva slicked shaft resting on her tongue. “Suck.”

Christine wasn’t really sure what to do, but she understood the basic idea. She closed her mouth as much as she could, lips tight around his thick cock, and tried to suck on him like a straw. Her cheeks hollowed with the effort, and she felt his shaft twitch in response.

“Tongue,” he said, and she realized he was panting slightly. “Use your tongue too.” She obeyed, sliding it across the underside of his shaft. She pulled back a few inches, until only his head was still inside her, and lapped at that. From his quivering reaction and heavy breathing, it seemed to be working. His hands came away from her aching nipples and buried themselves in her hair instead, stroking it like she was some kind of pet. The humiliation of receiving such demeaning approval was almost the worst part of it all.

Some small fierce part of her longed to just bite down as hard as she could, make him pay for thinking he could treat her like this. But then what? She would still be blindfolded and helpless. At best, he would beat her severely, probably doing permanent damage. And at worst… she pictured someone finding her in the bathroom with her throat slit, still half naked and cuffed to the toilet, and shuddered.

Within a couple minutes she’d developed a crude rhythm, bobbing her head back and forth on his dick. Lines of drool ran out of the corners of her mouth as she worked, and she could feel salty precum dribbling out of him, her every movement smearing more on her cheeks or tongue. It mixed with her saliva to turn the entire inside of her mouth into a revolting mess. All the toothpaste and mouthwash in the world wouldn’t be enough to make it ever feel clean again.

She knew her expression was flushed scarlet with shame, could feel the heat of it in her cheeks. This was far less painful than when he’d taken her virginity, but at the same time so much more degrading. At least then she’d been able to play a passive role. Now she was cooperating, voluntarily pleasuring the same man who’d hurt her so terribly. God, she was disgusting. Christine shoved those feelings aside as best she could. She was doing what she had to.

Christine could tell when she did something he liked. His cock would twitch, or he’d moan, or his hands would tighten in her hair. Though it made her feel absolutely wretched, and her cheeks grew wet with tears, she did her best to learn and repeat those actions. Making him cum was the only way to get this over with. And if she did a good job, maybe he wouldn’t… wouldn’t want to repeat what he’d done the other night. So she scrubbed her lips against his shaft, and rubbed her tongue against the underside where his head began, and sucked at his flesh like some grotesque kiss.

Soon he began to buck his hips slightly, jabbing her with his cock. Sometimes he would just push against the sides of her mouth, making her cheeks bulge obscenely, and other times he’d hit the back of her mouth and make her gag. His movements grew strong enough that he was frequently pulling out of her mouth completely, and often he’d miss trying to stick it back, rubbing himelf against her cheeks or lips instead, smearing the spit and precum mix plastered on him all over Christine’s face.

After ten minutes of this, his cock pulsed, swelling even thicker than before, and some primal part of her recognized what it meant. A few seconds later, he began to spurt, thick gobs of cum hitting the insides of her mouth. She tried to spit it out, but he gripped her jaw with one hand, forcing her lips closed around him.

It felt like an eternity, but mere seconds had passed by the time his spray slowed and then stopped. Christine stayed in place, holding his semen in her mouth. It tasted disgustingly bitter, but the texture was even worse, slimy and sticky at the same time. She breathed hard through her nose, suddenly grateful that there wasn’t much in her stomach.


She made a soft sound in the back of her throat. She’d done everything he wanted! Couldn’t he spare her this one final humiliation?

Apparently not, because his response was to keep holding her jaw closed with one hand and pinch her nostrils shut with the other, cutting off her oxygen. Panic filled her at the sudden suffocation, at the idea of dying like this, on the school toilet with a stranger’s cock in her mouth.

Christine swallowed, feeling the goopy mess slide slowly down her throat. Her mouth and nose were released and she immediately had a coughing fit. A finger poked into her mouth, pulling at her lips to open her mouth wide, then pushing aside her tongue. Her shame deepened as she realized he was checking that she’d swallowed his entire load.

“Mmm hmm,” he said, clearly pleased. “I bet you loved the taste of me, didn’t you?” When she didn’t say anything immediately, he repeated the question, tone more intense. “Didn’t you?”

“N-n-no…” she stammered around his finger, unwilling to lie to him, but terrified that his response would be violent.

But he didn’t strike her, or torture her sore nipples again. Instead, he pulled his finger out and replaced it with his limp, wet dick. “Then we’ll keep going until you do,” he said. In no position to argue, Christine began to lick and suck on him once more, the experience not improved by the sticky strands of cums dotting his shaft. It didn’t take long for him to grow hard again.

By the time the bell rang to signal the end of the period, three loads of cum sat heavy in her stomach. Just like before, he said nothing to announce his departure. One second she was performing cleanup duty on him yet again, and the next he and her restraints were both gone, and she was fully clothed.

Christine allowed herself one long, shuddering breath. Then she wiped the drool and cock slime off her face and stood up to leave. She had class to get to.


Jordan could barely focus on his classes for the rest of the day. He just kept reliving his lunch break. The way Christine’s soft lips had caressed him, the electrifying sense of pleasure every time her tongue made contact. She knew that she was his now. She didn’t know who he was, but that didn’t matter. He’d made it clear that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and she’d submitted. He’d been a little rough with her, but he knew that deep down she loved it, or would soon enough.

As his teacher droned on, he snuck his phone out of his pocket and looked at the pictures. Christine face down on her desk, his dick buried in her pussy. Christine on the toilet, working hard to earn another mouthful of cum. A week ago, he wouldn’t have been able to imagine better masturbation material, but now? He had something much better than his hand to spend his loads on.

Christine, Christine, Christine…



Chapter Seven

One week later.

Christine lay spread eagled on her bed, limbs bound by chains that ran underneath. The mattress squeaked softly as Jordan laid on top of her, pumping in and out of her pussy.

She still had the blindfold, but he trusted her enough not to gag her this time. Even if she wanted to scream, she had to know by now that he’d be long gone by the time anyone showed up, and he’d only come back as soon as they’d left.

And why would she want to scream? Now that neither one of them were virgins, Jordan felt more comfortable with taking his time, going nice and slow to make sure she loved this as much as he did. He licked the side of her neck, savoring the sweet salty taste of her skin, then moved down to her tits, sucking on one of her beautiful nipples. He bit down lightly and her whole body quivered in response, the movement sending sharp twinges of pleasure to his crotch. Even with the condom on, her pussy was fantastic. He didn’t like wearing it, but it was the smart thing to do. Neither one of them could afford a pregnancy scare. Jordan could only hope that their first night together wouldn’t have any lasting consequences.

The two of them had fallen into a comfortable routine. He wasn’t able to be with her every lunch break or every night, but he was there more often than not. Her earlier reluctance had faded over time, and she attended obediently to his commands, going wherever he asked and waiting in any position he desired.

Jordan slipped his hands around Christine to embrace her, cupping her butt to pull her in closer on each thrust. Her pussy was so hot and tight around his shaft… oh God, she felt so good… he sped up for the last few thrusts, wanting to make the most of her before the orgasm overwhelmed him. She made tiny sounds of pleasure every time he bottomed out in her. He felt himself begin to cum, felt her body clench and shiver around him as she felt it too.

Spent, he slowed down, until he laid panting atop her, his soft dick still inside her warmth. “I love you, Christine,” he breathed, barely remembering to mask his voice.

“I… I love you too,” she said quietly. Jordan’s heart swelled. He had known that it would only be a matter of time. Once he had proven himself to her, shown that he was a man and that she was his woman, it was inevitable that she fall for him.

“Will you…” she swallowed. “Will you allow me to please you without being tied up? I… I won’t try to take the blindfold off, I promise.”

Despite having cum several times already, Jordan’s cock stirred at her offer. “Yes, Christine,” he said, and kissed her mouth, tongues meeting. “Whatever you want, my love.”

He stopped time just long enough to remove her bondage, then stepped away from the bed to watch her closely. He wanted to trust, wanted to believe in their love, but he wasn’t going to be stupid about it. If she made any move to take off her blindfold, or to assault him, he would be ready to stop her.

To his relief, Christine seemed to have no interest in anything like that. She twisted around so that she was facing the opposite direction, her legs now by the headboard, then rolled onto her stomach. Propping herself up on her elbows and knees, she put her head down and waited.

Jordan approached her slowly, marveling at the beauty of her submission. He knelt behind her, his cock already painfully hard as he rolled a fresh rubber over it. She responded to his approach by pushing her ass towards him, her pillowy cheeks rubbing against his member.

From this position, he had a perfect view of her asshole, tight and wrinkled. He’d taken her pussy and her mouth more times than he could count in the last week, but never back there. Her last virginity… Without thinking, he reached out with a finger, and stroked it softly. Christine shivered and moved away. “Not… not there,” she said nervously. “Please.”

A few days ago, even a few minutes ago, he might have ignored her plea. She belonged to him, and he had the right to do whatever he wanted with her. Besides, after a few rounds of anal, she’d love it back there as much as she loved him in her other two holes. But she was being so good right now. Out of respect for her offering herself to him, he would do as she wanted. “Alright, love,” he assured her. “Not your ass. Not until you’re ready to give it to me.”

“Th-thank you…” she said, and pushed herself against him once more. “Will you do me one more favor?”

“Anything, love.”

“I… I want to feel the real you. Like the first night. Without the… the condom.”


Christine humped his crotch once more. “Please…” she whined. “I need to feel you.”

How could he say no to that? He was suddenly grateful that he hadn’t forced the issue of her asshole. If he had, she might never have given him this wonderful gift. He peeled the condom off, and let himself sink into her waiting wetness.

He’d forgotten how amazing she felt like this, how intoxicating. Her pussy was a warm velvet glove that caressed him with each stroke, begging him for his seed. He made up his mind then and there that he’d never wear a condom with her again.  Such a perfect hole deserved to be fully appreciated.  He’d just start stealing birth control for her instead. He could steal some from the pharmacy and leave a pill on her desk every morning. Then she wouldn’t have to answer any uncomfortable questions from her parents, and he would get to keep enjoying this silky smooth tunnel bareback, the way it was meant to be.

Their movements made her hanging breasts swing back and forth enticingly, and he took hold of both of them, luxuriating in how soft and pleasant they felt squished between his fingers. He bent down to nibble on her shoulder blade, leaving tiny bites that made her shake and whimper with lust. God, was there a single part of her body that wasn’t incredible, that didn’t respond so wonderfully to his touch?

He’d meant to take his time enjoying her like this, but her wet twat was having none of it. It sucked at him greedily, trying to draw his cum right out of him. Jordan abandoned moderation and took hold of her long hair, yanking back on her tresses like reins as he thrust into her. And she met his every movement with her own, the two of them in perfect sync. In no time at all, he came for the fourth time that night, his sperm feeding her hungry cunt. She gasped in pleasure, and the two of them collapsed into a sweaty tangle of limbs.

He relaxed like that for a few minutes, then kissed her one last time and left.


Christine felt like she was going to be sick.

She rolled onto her back after the boy left, exhausted and humiliated. Her pussy ached from the abuse, had been aching for days now. It had hurt so badly she hadn’t been able to keep quiet a few times, but luckily he seemed to have interpreted her sounds for moans of pleasure.

It wasn’t the pain that bothered her right now, though. She felt filthy, degraded. She had given herself to him, told him that she loved him and participated in her own rape.

It had to be done, Christine told herself. She had to make him believe he’d won. If he hadn’t, if he’d been suspicious or thinking with his brain instead of his crotch, he might have noticed that she was up to something. But he hadn’t. And now, God willing, it would be over.

She dug Becky’s old phone out of the pile of books and papers it had been concealed in on her desk. At first, she’d tried to use the webcam on her computer to catch him in the act, but the picture was always dark; she assumed he must be putting tape on it as a precaution every time. Similarly, she’d tried leaving her phone out as an experiment, not even pointed at the bed or recording any video, and confirmed later that it had been turned off. Whoever her rapist was, he was careful not to leave her anything that might be used to identify him.

So she’d found her sister’s phone instead, buried in a drawer. The SIM card was gone, but it could still take pictures and video. The last couple times he’d finished using her, she’d immediately started setting it up, knowing that was the least likely time he would reappear again, until she’d figured out the right placement that would leave it unseen but still capable of recording whatever happened on the bed. It had been nerve wracking hiding it that afternoon after she’d returned home from school, terrified that he would show up at any moment and see what she was doing, but she’d managed it.

The hardest part had been getting him into a position where the phone would even be able to see his face. He’d had his back to the desk the whole evening as he’d used her, and she didn’t want to risk trying to pull this off more than once. She might not be as lucky the second time. So that had left her only one option: convince him to switch to a different position, and get him too distracted to be suspicious about it.

At least he hadn’t raped her ass. She shivered at the memory of being touched back there, and prayed that he’d never get another chance. If she’d done this right, that would be the last time he’d ever get to rape her.

Christine played through the recording, skimming through two hours of rape. There were times when the picture seemed to jump, and he would suddenly be in a different place or her restraints would have changed. She’d felt those things happening may times now, but this was the first time she’d actually seen the effect. She’d hoped that once she’d seen it, there would be some perfectly rational explanation for what was going on, but what he was doing looked completely impossible. She studied the footage closely, trying to find some clue, but there were no answers.

She reached the point where he’d released her and paused the recording, nervous. Was it possible he was somehow watching her right now? Waiting to confirm that she’d been tricking him?

No. No, he had some kind of incredible power, but he couldn’t be everywhere at once. Steeling herself, she pressed play. And gasped in shock.

Jordan?! Jordan?!

He… she’d assumed it was some brute jock, some delinquent. He was… he was Jordan! He… he was supposed to be her friend! She liked him. She even, she’d even thought sometimes that maybe…

Her heart ached. It would have been far easier if it was a stranger assaulting her, not him. But she couldn’t deny what she saw on the screen. Jordan, the sweet shy boy she used to watch movies and play games and share secrets and have fun with, was a rapist. Her rapist.

Christine tried not to think about the betrayal. She had something more important to focus on now, a decision that she’d been debating for days without coming up with a good answer.

Should she give the police the video?

On the one hand, his face was clearly on camera. Nobody who saw it could fail to identify him in a lineup. But the footage itself… she watched him finish inside her, then blink away soon after. It looked fake, like a cheap movie effect.

Nobody would believe that the video was undoctored. Even if she trimmed it down to remove all the oddities, the missing footage alone would warrant suspicion. And once people started to question the authenticity, it was a short path to believing the whole thing was faked, that she’d edited his face in, maybe staged the entire scene somehow.

She couldn’t take that risk, Christine decided. If the video backfired, it would unravel her entire case against him. And besides, she had much stronger evidence against him. Unconsciously, her fingertips touched her sore pussy, still leaking Jordan’s cum. With his DNA inside her, she wouldn’t need the video.

Christine stood up, preparing herself.   She didn’t need to will herself to cry.  She just stopped willing herself not to.  As tears began streaking down her cheeks, she stumbled downstairs to tell her parents that she’d been raped.

6 thoughts on “Time Waits (Part 3)

      1. I’m curious as to where you’re going to take this story next. I kind of want to see her being interviewed about it to the police and trying to explain everything that’s been happening.


      2. To be perfectly honest, that WASN’T going to happen, but now it will (sorta)! I already have some fun dialogue in mind for that. Thanks! 🙂


  1. I will play devil’s advocate here for a second since you already know I love this story.

    I do feel Jordan slipped into outright sadistic behavior/sociopathy a bit too quickly here. The way the power has gone to his head is obvious, as is how he thinks that he’s doing this to “win” her, but I don’t know how well it jives with the threats in class. It’s not a huge problem by any means, and given the kind of monster he is going to turn into it’s even believable, but it makes the “you are going to pay for trying to ruin my life” aspect a bit less of a heel-bigger heel turn moment since he was already most of the way there.

    That said, I love it. As I already told you 🙂


    1. This is true 🙂 I’ll admit that I had most of this part written before I fleshed out Jordan’s character. If it helps, his thought process during that scene is “I wouldn’t really do that to her, of course. I’d never do anything to hurt her. But she doesn’t have to know that, and there’s nothing wrong with scaring her a little by bluffing. Besides, if I ever thought that she REALLY didn’t want me to do any of this, I’d obviously leave her alone. I’m not a monster.”


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